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Why Business’ Need to Supercharge their Smartphone Security

Everyone understands that it is critical to safeguard data and sensitive information transmitted over the internet. A VPN allows users to secure and connect to public and private networks. It provides security by encoding and decoding data exchanged over a VPN connection.

You will need to use a VPN, whether you are usually on a computer or utilizing a smartphone or tablet for work-related purposes. Android phones are considered the most insecure among smartphones, making them an ideal target for cybercriminals.
Let’s look into why smartphone users for business should utilize free Android VPN technology.

Smartphones have a significant role to play

COVID-19 has altered the way we engage with one another as well as the way we conduct business. Many organizations have shifted to a work-from-home model, allowing employees to be productive from the comfort of their own homes. However, relocating operations to home offices has left many security infrastructures vulnerable to online threats such as hackers and other harmful groups. This is conceivable because many residential PCs have fewer threat safeguards than corporate office machines.

Another aspect to consider is the emergence of smartphones that are used to conduct business, whether that be emails, messaging, or file sharing. Perhaps phones weren’t used much or allowed when in the office, but with so many of us working from home, they are a vital component in the flow of a typical workday. When we think of online security, we tend to think of PCs over smartphones. However, if we consider safeguarding only some of our devices, predominantly our phones, this is where things may slip through the cracks. 

Lack of infrastructure, lack of security

Office spaces are designed with an infrastructure that safeguards, protects, and maintains their network. Businesses may regulate data flow via the internet in this manner, ensuring that everything remains safely within the network. 

However, with the transition to a home office structure, these safeguards are no longer in effect. The internal network of a corporate office contains numerous layers of security, all of which vanish once workers begin working from home. Most individuals do not pay for additional network security because they do not perceive the need; they believe they offer nothing worth hacking into. When you look into how valuable data is, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, many people use a shared network that their family and others also use. This makes it even easier for hackers to access their networks because home offices do not usually adhere to all security measures, putting the business in danger.

This is why your company requires a VPN with logins for all its employees. VPNs secure information and internet traffic on individual devices, allowing your staff to operate safely on separate networks.

Why you should secure your smartphone with a VPN

Optimal security

This might seem obvious now, but it’s worth driving home. Security is a huge concern in this day and age when everyone and everything is connected. When you connect to the internet via your smartphone, you risk getting infected with viruses, hackers, or malicious plug-ins.

Even information sent is vulnerable to being interrupted, misdirected, or altered – and smartphones are typically more susceptible to hacking attempts. That is why wise companies invest in smartphone security.

Antivirus software alone will not protect you from these threats, which is why a VPN is required. VPNs secure every connection your device makes to remote sites. Even when information channels are tampered with, a VPN connection will keep you safe.

For anyone whose business lives on the internet, it is essential to protect professional and personal transactions, customer information, credit card details, and work files from competitors who may use such material negatively.

Optimal file sharing

Smartphones are the quickest way to share and open files, especially for remote workers. It’s easy to access a database or check your email for the latest update to the spreadsheet. However, the ease comes with concerns over snooping eyes accessing sensitive data

VPN providers enable their users to transfer files over time. Data sharing is faster, easier, and without distance restrictions since you can engage in any activity as if you were within a local network area (LAN), so you may use the resources on your network at any time, whether you are at home or traveling.

As a result, VPN improves productivity and production inside an internet-based organization by removing the barrier of distance and accessibility.

Optimal privacy

We don’t typically associate our smartphones with privacy – they are how we stay connected. A lot of the time, we may be more slack with our privacy when we are on our phones versus our computers. Using a VPN connection, you may remain anonymous on the internet. When you connect to the internet via your smartphone, your IP address and ISP can be used to find your name, location, and personal information.

This is only a brief overview of how a VPN can benefit your business. Still, a VPN hides your IP address, protecting your personal information from being accessed by anyone who wishes to snoop or misuse it. Hackers will only be able to view your VPN provider’s IP address, while your IP address will be masked.

The bottom line

More concerns about cybersecurity are emerging as the business world shifts to a work-from-home approach, with smartphones becoming a vital tool of this new infrastructure. This is why you require a VPN. Virtual private networks are a fast and easy way to secure any information and communication from a smartphone. This helps to safeguard against hackers.

As they are so simple to use and effective at preventing cyberattacks, fully migrating to remote work will be considerably more accessible and secure for your business. 

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