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best hires.

As an employer in a highly competitive environment, you can be your own worst enemy. Complicated hiring processes, inability to “sell” top candidates on your opportunity, reluctance to make an offer promptly – all these can lead to you missing out on top talent.

At Apollo Technical, we focus exclusively on Engineering,  IT and Supply Chain across multiple industries – offering you quick access to in-demand technical professionals who can help you achieve your business goals:

When considering engineering staffing companies, IT staffing companies or Supply Chain recruiters, think of Apollo Technical first.

On all positions, Apollo Technical works for our client companies on a completely contingent “NO-RISK” basis. We charge no up-front fees and there is no cost to engage our team in a search to fill your requirement. There is NO COST unless we find the candidate that your company elects to hire.

Never miss out on top-tier talent again!

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Our services


Temporary/contract employees work on an hourly basis, at your facility, to enhance your existing workforce.

As an engineering staffing agency, we cover all employer-related expenses associated with employment including, but not limited to FICA, FUTA, SUTA, workers’ compensation, and unemployment insurance).

We thoroughly screen and E-Verify all of our contractors and payroll them using W2s so you can feel confident that the contractor working at your facility is trustworthy, dependable, and qualified.

You pay us only for the hours worked by the employee. During the temporary period, you can release the contractor at any time with no further obligation.


This solution allows your company to “try before you buy.” By working with an engineering staffing agency, your company will have the opportunity to gauge a candidate in your unique culture and working environment before a direct offer is made.

During this time, you will be able to evaluate the candidate’s skills and work habits. After you keep an Apollo Technical candidate on contract for a designated period, you can hire that candidate directly with no additional fees.

Direct Hire

Apollo Technical will recruit, interview, and refer only those candidates who meet all of your prerequisites and who possess the skills and experience required for your current opportunity.

When you have confirmed your intent to hire, the candidate is hired directly by your company.

We are compensated for locating the candidate by a fee based on the candidate’s yearly compensation at hiring.

Payroll Services

This solution allows you to utilize former employees, acquaintances, or a candidate you have found with your own resources without worrying about taxes, unemployment, liability, and other issues relating to onboarding an employee on your own.

Simply call us and we’ll put this individual on our payroll and bill you a nominal amount for the taxes and administrative functions.