Reaching talent to meet
business needs.

As an IT, Supply Chain and Engineering recruitment agency, our specialized focus allows us to source and attract the most highly qualified talent quickly and cost-effectively, and help engineers, supply chain and IT professionals find great jobs.

How we got started

Founded in 2010, Apollo Technical set out to create a different kind of Engineering, Supply chain & IT recruiting agency, one with a committed focus on building long-term client relationships by working hard and ethically while ensuring our IT, Supply Chain and Engineering candidates’ career needs are met.

How we do what we do best

As technical recruiters, we deliver high-impact talent and exceptional service to our clients. Our staffing agency’s mission is to work with employers to find the right talent to increase their productivity, overall efficiency and help them create more profitable businesses.

We strive to be regarded as a leader among Engineering job recruiters, Supply Chain staffing agencies and IT recruiting companies.

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