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7 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Hours upon hours are spent every month by diligent business owners thinking about how they can improve their products or services. Remaining stagnant is the fear of many business owners, and that’s because for any company to be successful, it must evolve.

At the core of building rapport and creating loyalty within clientele is one key element—-and that is customer service. This article will discuss the seven key steps that will lead to heightened customer satisfaction through top-notch customer service.

1. Adaptability

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of adaptability.

The only businesses that have managed to stay afloat are the ones that have adjusted to the shifting tides and found a way to meet customers where they are—-at home! Customer care had to adapt and offer practical responses even in uncertain times.

Maintaining high-quality customer care has played a significant role in helping businesses flourish while employees are stuck at home.

Innovative contact centre solutions continually help business owners ensure their customers are being taken care of even when a pandemic has ripped the rug out from all of our feet.

So when faced with hardship, remember that adaptability is what sets apart the greats from the mediocre.

2. Excellent Listening Skills

A common mistake that most people make when interacting with other people is a failure to be fully present when listening.

Instead of thinking about your response as the person is speaking, try to focus on their words and see things from their perspective.

Give indications that you’re listening, like nodding or making small interjections like “That must be frustrating,” or “I’m sorry you’ve been having some trouble.” 

Always admit fault to make the customer feel heard. After the customer is finished, to make sure you didn’t miss any important information, summarise everything the customer said and ask them to confirm that you understood everything correctly.

This will show that you were genuinely listening and will give them a chance to add anything they might’ve forgotten.

3. Be Transparent

The quickest way to lose a customer is through a lack of honesty and transparency.

If customers feel like they’re being taken advantage of or misled, then you risk not only losing them as clients but also having them spread damaging reviews of your company either by mouth or online.

If you do a promotional deal for something, make sure that the promotion is very clear and does not make the deal seem like something greater than it is.

Don’t make a headline in big letters offering something for free, and then leave important details of the deal in the fine print. This is only going to frustrate customers.

4. Know Your Product

One essential step in having the best customer service lies within the onboarding process. As a part of their onboarding training, all new employees should be required to spend an extended amount of time studying every detail of the company’s products so that they will be able to assist with troubleshooting issues both in person or over the phone. 

Many onboarding experts advise starting new employees out in the customer service department. This familiarises them with both the product or service and the expectations of the customers.

It will also help develop in them a sense of empathy for the customers’ needs and common struggles. All of this will be a part of building up the degree of customer service in your company.

5. Improve Interactions

Every interaction an associate has with a customer is important—-even if it’s just a passing “hello.”

Most company heads agree that the reception and front-of-house employees are the “face” of the company because they’re the first image, impression, and conversation that customers will have when they walk in the door. 

Sales and clientele are lost every day due to lazy or unspirited in front of house employees. These are lost opportunities that could have been an easy sale and the beginning of a long relationship between the company and client.

If you want to improve customer service insight, then be sure always to make every interaction a positive, memorable one.

6. Solution-Based Thinking

At some point in their work with a company, whether they’re managers, sales reps, or actual customer service reps, they will have to deal with an angry customer.

This requires a lot of patience and the ability to de-escalate situations. After listening and providing a summary of the complaint, the employee must then offer a solution that will benefit both the customer and the company.

Often, customers will demand a refund or something complimentary. Obviously, this will result in a loss and will not benefit the company. 

If there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer, it’s always a good rule of thumb to pause the conversation and tell the customer you will discuss this problem with management. It will give you a second to think, and it will also show that you care enough to involve your superior.

7. Accept and Implement Feedback

Getting feedback from customers is one of the easiest ways to increase your customer service’s effectiveness and thus your company’s.

Give the option to leave some feedback whenever a product is purchased, or a phone call ends. Feedback caters to both the customer and company because the customer feels valued, and the company gets an immediate insight into their effectiveness and how they can improve. 

Accepting criticism is vital and necessary to improve. Many business owners are afraid of distributing satisfaction surveys for fear that they will be overwhelmed with changes that need to be made. But to stay competitive, you must be able to adapt to the customers’ needs and wants. 

There are innumerable ways you can strengthen the customer service skills of your employees.

Seeking out information about tricks that the greats have used to harness a large and loyal following is the best way to finding solutions to minor inadequacies your company might have. If you’re reading this, then your head is in the right place.

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