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6 LinkedIn Company Page Tips to Enhance Your Marketing

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Learn how to optimize your Company’s LinkedIn page, create optimal content, manage LinkedIn connections and maintain a Company presence.

LinkedIn has become the world’s largest and most influential professional social platform. Its user base keeps getting wider and better connected.

It currently serves over 706 million individual users and almost 50 million business accounts.

It is a powerful tool for networking and career development, and a leading social media platform for professional content creation and digital marketing. 

This is why companies are paying more and more attention to maximizing their LinkedIn marketing strategies.

Only one way to fully exploit every possibility LinkedIn offers: by creating a top LinkedIn Company profile. 

Complete your profile

A complete, well-organized Company profile attracts many more visitors than those with an incomplete data structure. This way your Company page will look more professional and legitimate.

A well-optimized LinkedIn Company Page serves as a powerful tool to obtain some top marketing goals:

Make sure your page has the following company details filled out: 

  • Logo and banner
  • About us section
  • Company type and industry
  • Contact details.

Use a high-resolution company logo – the same one you’re using on your other social media platforms. Design your profile picture using Quicktools for a professional and attractive look.

The banner should offer a bit more room for creativity. Also, replace it occasionally. You can use it to promote upcoming events or announce company campaigns and values. 

The “About us” section should be succinct, telling the audience principal details about your Company. Use clear and accessible language to sketch your business goals. 

After publishing your Company’s profile, start posting some compelling content. 

Posting content

In recent years we are witnessing a surge in LinkedIn content creation. There are several important guidelines when creating new content:

  • Captions should be descriptive, so to provide the audience with extra context
  • Use vivid, clean, and simple images, maybe your in-house graphics
  • Apply hashtags to increase the visibility of your content 
  • Revamp posts by using emojis, questions, and bullet points
  • Ask thought-provoking questions
  • Call out your audience motivating them to engage
  • Use external content for making a statement.

Maintain a posting schedule

Active pages with an ongoing flow of content gain followers and engagement at a much faster rate than passive ones. Any increase in followers typically leads to more page views. This positive cycle is usually a direct outcome of maintaining a posting schedule.

The company page should have a minimum of one post per week. The more often – the better. This way you keep your followers and audience engaged, both entertaining and informing them.

Try re-sharing your past top posts. Usually, only a small percentage of your followers have seen your posts in the LinkedIn feed. This makes occasional re-sharing logical and even desirable.

Previously successful content is likely to perform well again in the future.

Build your network

What made LinkedIn a true giant in social media platforms is the emphasis it has on networking and engaging all the participants. This is why managing LinkedIn connections should be a priority number one.

Your colleagues and employees can boost your LinkedIn content while simultaneously increasing the visibility and reach of your Company Page. It makes your company more visible in search results, both on and off LinkedIn.

So, make sure to encourage colleagues and employees to engage with your content and keep them regularly informed of new Company posts.

Some effective ways to pull in an audience for your page on LinkedIn are:

  • Inviting people and other businesses  to follow you
  • Targeting your posts to reach the audience organically
  • Boosting your page and individual posts through paid promotion
  • Using other social platforms to promote your company page.

Respond to comments

Using the Company page to ask questions that encourage people to comment has proven to be a very effective way of gaining considerable reach. 

Engaging with those comments in a friendly and respectful manner improves Company trust and loyalty.

At the same time, it shows tenacity, expertise, and social awareness of your business. People start to view your Company page as a dynamic, people-powered business, not just a passive one-way information board. 

This way you can spark discussion that will take place on your page. The more engaging content you produce, the more the platform will reward you by pushing this content to a wider audience.

Utilize LinkedIn ads

Social media platforms and the Internet have become synonymous in recent years. More online traffic is going through social media today than ever before. This also refers to the online ad space.

LinkedIn offers a variety of ad types that can help you meet your specific needs. 

An array of media forms is at your disposal. You can specify your target audience, set your budget, and a posting schedule

You take a truly active role in advertising your business. And this makes the LinkedIn ads platform truly powerful.

By boosting posts from your LinkedIn Page, you can ensure the content reaches people beyond current reach. 

LinkedIn also provides a boost feature used for a post that is already driving engagement with your Company page followers. It is a proven technique of successfully targeting a demographically similar, but much broader audience than your current one. 


LinkedIn is a potent digital marketing tool for a business, brand, campaign, or organization. 

It is a top platform tailored for professionals, one that emphasizes peer-to-peer interactions.

It becomes even more powerful when we learn how to optimize and enhance it.Whether you want to create or curate content, utilize the power of ads, or manage LinkedIn connections, this is the platform to go to.

About the Author:

Brenda is a passionate business blogger, tech nerd and gamer. She is interested in topics that cover business communication, sales, online branding, digital marketing and social media, business tools and extensions, as well as organization and management of LinkedIn connections.

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