How do I improve my LinkedIn profile for recruiters? Here are some Linkedin Profile tips.

As software developer recruiters at one of the leading engineering staffing agencies,  we review hundreds of engineering, design, and IT profiles weekly.

Here are some of the mistakes we still see on a daily basis for those job seekers with a profile on LinkedIn.

How to Improve a LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters

Improve your Linkedin profile by, adding correct contact information, uploading a professional picture, customizing your Linkedin URL, asking for recommendations, listing your experience in detail, listing your skills and technical knowledge, creating a detailed summary section, and making an interesting headline. 

1. No Contact Information

This is the most glaring one we see when reviewing profiles, be sure to list your email at a minimum, and having your phone # listed if you are looking for a new position is even better.

If you are worried about spam, create, and list an email specifically for job opportunities.

Many employers and IT staffing agencies only have a free LinkedIn account so make sure they can contact you easily. You can also add links to your portfolio or resume.

2. Lack of professional Picture

Improve your LinkedIn profile with a professional picture showing only you.

Stay away from pictures with your significant other, cartoon drawings, or your favorite pet.

3. Lack of a customized personal URL

Make sure and customize your personal LinkedIn URL. It looks professional and is a great addition to your email signature.

4. Lack of recommendations

Make sure and ask managers you have worked for or coworkers for recommendations related to your work experience. Having these on your profile is important and easy to do.

5. Minimal experience listed

This is one of the most important ways to improve your LinkedIn profile. Completely fill out your experience and education section. Don’t just list employers and employment dates.

It is a good idea to have between two to five sentences about the relevant work you performed at each job, the types of CAD systems, programming languages, or software you used specified under each job.

6. Skills are not listed

Under the Skills and Endorsements section, list the types of CAD systems, programming languages, software, skill sets, training, and other relevant keywords that will make your profile come up in a search.

7. There is very little information in the summary section

Complete your summary section as a value proposition for potential employers.

Here you can list the type of work you prefer doing, some of your career interests, years of experience with certain skill sets, CAD systems or programming languages, etc.

This is also another good place to list your email.

8. A Basic or Boring Headline

This 120-character section of your profile is a great place to grab an employer or recruiter’s attention.

It can be used to state your most enticing experience, embed the most important keywords in your profile, or create an attention-grabbing title that won’t be overlooked.

When writing your headline consider your target audience and make it stand out from the crowd.

Taking the time to create a robust and well thought out LinkedIn profile should put you ahead of the curve.

LinkedIn is a big networking site but it is full of boring profiles lacking substance, so be sure to stand out in order to get that much closer to your dream job.

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