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How an Impressive Elevator Pitch Can Become Your Secret Weapon


Coming up with an impressive well-crafted elevator pitch empowers you in the working environment and means that you can create a script to help you develop new relationships, something which is essential in business.

The introduction to a strong elevator pitch should get the listener’s attention within around the first 30 seconds and be no longer than a maximum of 90 seconds or the duration of an elevator ride.

It makes the listener interested in continuing the conversation further and pave the way for networking and creating key business relationships.  We have come up with a guide to how an impressive elevator pitch can become your secret weapon and be useful in your professional life.    

Convince Employers About Your Abilities

An impressive elevator pitch is a great way to briefly demonstrate how you could be a real asset to the employers potentially hiring you. A concise, well-worded elevator pitch should capture the attention of hiring managers.

To Help Prepare You for Job Interviews

Practicing different scenarios and answering questions is an integral part of the preparation stage before any job interview. A snappy, engaging one-liner can be a very effective way of gaining the interviewer’s attention.

When trying to create a powerful, convincing one-liner to kick start your elevator pitch, you should think about focusing on your career interests and communicating your strengths and goals clearly to the interviewer.

Try and put your one-liner ideas into a summarizing sentence so an employer knows your career focus and what you can offer.

For example, ‘I am a Sales Manager focused on helping companies increase their profit margins through implementing effective Sales Management strategies.’ 

Fly Through Job Interviews

Interviewers tend to make their minds up about whether or not they are going to decide to hire a candidate within the first few minutes of an interview. Therefore, a well-crafted elevator pitch that gets off to a good start can be the dealbreaker in you getting the job.

An elevator pitch should answer who you are, your career interests, what you can do for a company, and what type of job you are looking for.

An excellent elevator pitch will showcase your main talents, skills, qualifications, and relevant work-related experience to employers. If you want to learn more about crafting an elevator pitch, take a look at this article from industry leaders, Placement.

Are you enthusiastic about landing yourself a specific job role? Interviewers are looking for the ideal candidate that’s an excellent fit for the position.

Practice and fine-tune your elevator pitch to try and win over the interviewer about your skills, work experience, motivation, and suitability for the role.

Pitch a Business to Potential Investors

Another situation where a top elevator pitch can become your secret weapon is when you are pitching a new business, a start-up, or a business looking to grow and expand to potential investors.

You need to use an effective elevator pitch to emphasize the various benefits and attractions of investing in the company you work for to investors, and explain why putting money into the business will be a secure long-term investment for investors and shareholders.

To Deliver Outstanding Sales Pitches

You may work in a job role where you regularly find yourself doing sales pitches to a room full of people. You may have to pitch the strong points of your business or the benefits of a specific product or service.

The skills involved in an elevator pitch greatly help you in sales pitches because they will enable you to grasp your audience’s attention almost immediately and get them interested in what you are presenting to them.

For example, a sales pitch from a salesperson working for a car parts supplier, to a car brand on the benefits of their tires, should leave staff representing the car brand convinced they need to invest in products from this specific car parts supplier.

Form Bonds with New Colleagues

Having a good elevator pitch can help you introduce yourself to new colleagues when you are a relatively new employee in a company, by telling them briefly about who you are, your role, and what you do.

Forming connections with your manager and other colleagues quickly is a real asset that will help you greatly in your career.

Networking and Making Important Connections

The ability to establish strong business connections and network with clients, customers, investors, and business partners may be crucial in the industry you work in.

Attending networking events where you come equipped with a well-prepared elevator pitch is a great way to make connections and form business relationships which may prove highly beneficial to your company in the long run.

To Attract Employers

Finding a new job that’s right for you in today’s economy can be pretty tricky. LinkedIn can be a great online space to network and develop important business connections.

An elevator pitch can be helpful for convincing recruiters and hiring managers scrolling through LinkedIn that their company needs the skills, qualifications, and work experience that you have to offer.

Help Make Your Intentions Clear

A well-composed elevator pitch should also make your intentions crystal clear to listeners.

For example, after listening to the first 30 seconds of an impressive elevator pitch, an interviewer should know why you want the job and what you can offer the company as an employee.

Or, in another example, somebody listening to your sales pitch should be able to quickly learn what product or service your organization is selling and why they need it and should go and spend their money on it.

It’s definitely a bright idea to try and stick to the point and cut out any waffling from your elevator pitch to not distract from your primary intentions.

Listeners can rapidly lose interest in what you are saying if you don’t make a concerted effort to keep your elevator pitch short and sweet.

Presentation skills and selling yourself and your skills to employers are essential for career progression and passing interviews to secure new job roles when returning to work after time away.

These are a few ways an impressive elevator pitch can come in very useful and quickly become a secret weapon in your professional life.

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