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The Impact of the Mitre Attack Framework and Its Security Implications for Modern Networks

Cybercriminals and security researchers are the two sides of an ever-raging war; one which has implications for everyone on the planet.

While digital attacks are nothing new, there is definitely a sense at the moment that dealing with cyber threats is more of a priority both for businesses and the regulators that govern their security obligations as instances increase.

This is where the MITRE ATTACK Framework comes into play. It is predicted to have a major impact in how network security is handled going forward, so understanding its implications is key to foreseeing the changes that are coming.

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The power of collective knowledge & communication

One of the core tenets of the MITRE ATTACK framework is that it is only by empowering security specialists and end-users with a means to share information and communicate clearly with one another so that the threats they face can be minimized.

The framework is founded on a knowledge base that outlines the ever-evolving strategies that cybercriminals use to exploit their victims, as well as the types of targets that are most favorable to them and what makes them vulnerable.

The ‘ATTACK’ aspect is also stylized as ‘ATT&CK’, as it represents Adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Common Knowledge, as exemplified within the framework.

In essence, its impact is to demystify cybercrime and security alike, giving all parties a means of understanding the risks and contributing their own experiences, as well as learning from other contributors.

This is obviously good for non-expert end-users of digital services, whether in a domestic or business setting. However, it is also a boon for security professionals, since it lets them explore the findings of others, collaborate with contemporaries in other organizations, and shore up their defenses collectively.

Looking into the ‘why’ of cybercrime

Until the implementation of the MITRE ATTACK Framework, some of the attention of the security community was on how hackers were perpetuating attacks. Now, the emphasis has shifted to also include the reasons behind this, and what their aims and ambitions are.

Furthermore, this framework offers more flexibility than its alternatives, encompassing the idea that not all attacks will involve consistent or predictable tactics.

Instead, it avoids a rigid chronology or sequencing and accommodates the likelihood for attackers to make changes on the fly, again depending on their end goals and motivations.

Exploring the implications

With the aid of the MITRE ATTACK Framework and the knowledge base that is built up around it, modern network security strategies can be put together in a way that adheres to tried and tested best practices.

Likewise, if you already have a strategy in place, this framework offers a means of checking to see whether it stacks up, or whether there are any inadequacies to adjust or holes to plug to improve security.

In addition, it gives you a means of assessing the extent of the risks you face, according to the organization you run and the industry you occupy, as well as the other elements that will increase or decrease your chances of being targeted.

Furthermore, you can take the principles as laid out by this framework and use them as a yardstick against which security products are measured.

If you are worried that a third-party solution may not be fit for the task, MITRE ATTACK gives you an unambiguous way of assessing this.

Ultimately with the assistance of the MITRE ATTACK Framework, network security should improve whether your business is small and ambitious or established and sprawling. It simply remains for you to reach out and grab this opportunity to use it.

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