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How To Follow Up With A Recruiter

If you recently spoke with a recruiter about a job opening or had an interview with a recruiter without getting feedback don’t stress. 

There are many reasons you may have not heard back yet. How you follow up with a recruiter can make the difference in getting feedback as quickly as possible. 

The Best Ways to Follow Up With A Recruiter

Ask a Recruiter about their Preferred Contact Method

Most recruiters prefer a candidate following up via email, but some prefer a LinkedIn message, text, or a phone call.

By knowing their preferred way of communication you can ensure a more timely response during the recruitment process.

We have had candidates follow up via text to a company landline and then get upset because we did not respond to them.

While there are various ways to follow up, one effective method is through a follow-up call. Learn more about how to conduct an effective interview follow-up call in this detailed guide.

Avoid having to chase down a recruiter and establish a communication process that works from the start.

Establish A Timeline For Feedback

Knowing the timeline for the hiring process will save you time and aggravation.

If the company has decided to delay a hiring decision for a few weeks. Then there is no point in following up with a recruiter continually.

It is a better idea to wait until the process is supposed to conclude. 

By asking a recruiter when they will receive feedback you are showing interest without seeming overbearing. 

During the Hiring Process Follow Up After Each Stage

Recruiters are usually working on multiple openings, reviewing stacks of resumes, and talking to candidates throughout the day.

Recruiters can forget to follow up sometimes. It’s a good idea to reach out via email. This way you can see what the next step in the hiring process is or what might be causing delays.

You also need to keep the recruiter in the loop on any communication you are having with the hiring manager.

Start With a Follow Up Email if You’re Not Sure

When following up with a recruiter it is a good idea to send an email with a subject line referencing the job to start.

Wait for at least 24 hours to get a response.

If you have not heard back at this point you may want to send a reminder email or give the recruiter a call directly. 

If you are at the application process stage and checking the status of your application make sure you are qualified for the position.

If you’re not there is a good chance you will not get a meaningful response. This is because the recruiter could be reviewing as many as 50 resumes or more for any particular job opening.

No recruiter wants to leave you hanging but there are only so many hours in the day. They can’t give a long thoughtful response to everyone that applies.

On the flip side if you feel you are a great fit for the position. You should be proactive and reach out as quickly as possible. A busy recruiter will be thankful that you did.

Be Professional When Writing A Follow-up Email

If a candidate is rude and unprofessional to me or one of my coworkers, I don’t want them speaking with a client. 

Getting angry and being rude is in an email or phone call is a poor reflection on you. There is a strong chance it will cost you the job entirely.

If you have sent multiple messages to the recruiter, reach out by phone. If that doesn’t work ask one of their associates if they can help you.

It could be the recruiter is out of the office due to illness, a family matter, or something else.

After An Interview Send, A Thank You Note

It’s easy to send a thank you note yet according to one survey yet 57% of job seekers interviewing don’t do it.

When writing a thank-you note after an initial interview state the following.

Explain why you’re interested in the job. Convey your relevant skills that will add value, and mention one or two highlights that happened during the interview.

It is also a good idea to clarify any problem spots that may have arisen during the interview. Make sure and end the email by thanking the manager for their time.

The recruiter can then pass this thank you email to the potential employer.

Make sure and send this email within the first 24 hours after a job interview.

This way even if the hiring manager is interviewing other candidates you can stay fresh in their thought processes during the recruitment process.

Be Professional When Asking for Feedback

Don’t get impatient or hostile when waiting on feedback from a recruiter. There is a good chance the hiring manager could still be reviewing resumes.

The employer could also still be interviewing candidates or their time frame for hiring someone could have changed.

Many times a company thought the interview went ok. They don’t want to rule you out for the role but still want to interview a few more candidates before making a final decision.

A recruiter can only push a hiring manager so hard to make a decision. Unfortunately, sometimes the employer keeps waiting for that perfect candidate that never comes.

Don’t Play Games With Your Recruiter

Communication is a two-way street. If you have followed up with a recruiter a few times and the interview process is moving along, make sure you are available for a text, email, or phone call when needed.

A recruiter may need additional information to give the employer at any time. Make sure and be available to get this information to them as quickly as possible.

If you take too long the employer could move on to other candidates.

I know you don’t like to wait for feedback and neither does the recruiter or employer.

Also, show interest if you want the job and don’t pretend to be interested if you have no intention of leaving your current employer.


Learning how to follow up with a recruiter should be an easy process. It is their job to be the bridge between you and the hiring manager.

Ensuring timely communication by all parties involved will make for a much smoother and streamlined recruitment process for everyone.

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