Many employees are looking for remote work in 2021. After the pandemic, they found that working from home was more convenient for them and allowed them to have more control over their lives. Others may have children or just want some more of the freedom of being able to work wherever they want. 

If the idea of remote work sounds appealing to you, you will be happy to know there are many great careers out there that are perfect for those who would like to have this kind of lifestyle.

Some of the fastest growing careers for remote jobs in 2021 include:

1. Marketing

Marketing has always been a great option for remote work because there is a ton of flexibility. In the past, it was often centered around the office for those who were not the managers, but it is a career that can easily be done from anywhere. 

Marketing and promotion work is often focused on websites and social media now more than ever. This makes it easier to work in any location. You do not need to be at a desk to create an amazing website or to manage a social media page. 

Many marketing platforms can help with this process. Employees are able to communicate with each other, share resources and work, and have all the required information stored in one place.

A whole team could be located in different parts of the country and still get the work done seamlessly for the client.

2. Administrative Jobs

Gone are all the days of on-site management who watched over their team all day long in an office. It is now possible to have the team working from different locations. Or, the manager can handle the team in one set location, while being somewhere else in the process. 

Timecards, payroll, and hiring functionalities are all tasks that got stored online, long before things were changed with Covid-19. This made it an easier transition for managers to head home and do their work from there. 

The employees for these jobs are close by thanks to cell phones and online communication. Having one set office location that is as convenient as possible is a good way to handle anything that does require face-to-face interactions or any necessary meetings.

3. Human Resources

Outside of the employees who need to be on-site to handle any face-to-face conflict resolution when it happens, many times the jobs necessary for human resources can be moved to remote locations as well. 

For example, looking over hiring documents and even completing interviews can be done over Skype or other methods rather than requiring both parties to show up in person. Hiring and recruiting is easier than ever for most employees to do at home as well, allowing them to have more flexibility in the process. 

Many companies find that it is to their advantage to use technology to move many of their HR employees back home. Benefits discussions and other big questions that were more difficult were handled through email and other written communication, so that did not require any changes. 

While there may be a few things that require the HR personnel to be at the office, most of the work can be done from home. This can make them more effective as well.

4. Mortgage

Many mortgage and banking jobs are moving to remote work as well. Banking has been kind of slow to adopt new work processes, but many are finding that leveraging technology and allowing employees more freedom is to their advantage in the past few years. 

Many banking entities are finding that when they send their employees home to get things done, they are more productive. This is even more prevalent for those employees who need to handle mortgages. And with the rise of mortgage applications and refinances for homes, this is more important now forever. 

Handling different mortgage requirements is going to require patience, attention to detail, and skill. Moving this kind of employee home has not raised any issues for banking industries when it comes to them staying compliant. This works in several ways for the banks.

They can hire more motivated and qualified candidates. Their employees are happier and more able to handle larger workloads to keep up with all the work. And the bank does not have to build buildings as much, saving them more money in the process.

5. Project Management

This is a space that is heading over to remote work more than ever. Project managers already have odd hours when it comes to doing their work so they may find it more effective to keep things going when they can work from any location. In fact, working from home can make them more efficient and cuts down on how many hours they need to work each day. 

When project managers are able to work from home and set their hours, they are able to do some more outreach on a project at times that can be the most convenient for the other parties involved as well. 

Not all clients can work with the project manager at the routine 9 to 5, so with the project manager working from home, they can offer hours that are early in the morning or later at night too.

You can reach out to some of the top Chicago recruiting agencies to help fill project manager roles for your company.

Choosing the Right Remote Work for You

These are just some of the different remote jobs that you can take. When choosing the type of work you would like to do, consider your talents, your skills, and what you may enjoy doing. That can give you some direction when it is time to search for companies that actively recruit remote employees. 

This can be a very rewarding career move, but you need to be ready to take it on and enjoy some of the challenges that come with it too.

When you are ready to jump into this new stage of your work life, take a look at the fastest-growing careers for remote jobs in 2021 that we discussed above!