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The 65 Best Tools for Remote Teams

virtual tools for remote teams

Companies across the world continue to create and embrace remote teamwork in various fashions. When managing remote employees and teams it’s important to find and use the best tools possible to make work integration as seamless as possible.

It takes time to find the best tools for remote teams and may involve trial and error to get the right remote tools in place.

Through research and our own use of software tools, we list the 65 best tools for remote teams.

Project Management and Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams


Used by over 6,000 agile teams worldwide. Orangescrum is a task management and project management software great at organizing teams, tasks and projects.

Some noted features include time tracking, Gantt Charts, Kanban boards, project resource management, reports & analytics as well as task management.

There is a 14-day free trial and pricing packages are very affordable starting at 10 users.


This is a popular online project management and time tracking software that is widely used by remote teams. With over a billion tracked hours across 65 countries, the platform has proven its ability to improve team collaboration through its real-time project & budget tracking and customizable reports.

One of ClickTime’s standout features is its interactive resource planning dashboard, which takes into account billing rates, employee vacation time, project budgets, and more. This dashboard provides users with real-time insights into their business, allowing them to avoid overservicing, scope creep, and runaway project costs. It is a powerful tool that helps remote teams optimize their project management and collaboration processes.

ClickTime offers a free 14-day trial and has trained specialists available to help with onboarding.


A cloud-based work OS project management software with visually intuitive layouts that make the sequence of work clear.

Monday has time tracking, reporting, collaboration, resource, and project management features with workflows and integrations to streamline processes. It is currently in use by over 100,000 companies. Monday has over 1150 reviews on G2 with a 4.6 rating.

Monday remote work tool


A task and project management tool, Clickup offers an inbox, reminders, docs, goals, chat, and a calendar function. It has integration with many different apps and is used in project management remote work, marketing, sales, business operations, and others.

Clickup has over 2000 reviews on Capterra with a 4.7 rating and is used by millions of members and over 100,000 teams.

Clickup remote collaboration tool


A cloud-based saas collaborative work management platform and project management tool that works well for remote teams.

Features include custom dashboards, folders, Gantt charts, tasking, folders, and project analytics. It integrates with many different apps to streamline automation and productivity. It has enterprise-grade security and gives you full control of your data. 

Wrike is used in agile, agency, enterprise, and project portfolio project management use cases and boasts being used by over 20,000 organizations and 2M+ users across 140 countries. With some features being free for teams up to 5 members. Wrike has a 4.2 rating on G2 with over 1200 reviews.

Wrike remote collaboration tool


Teamwork is a work and project management software that is great for remote teams. Teamwork helps manage the entire product life cycle.

The saas feature tools include helpdesk, teamwork chat, board view, work management, sales CRM, time tracking, task management, and reporting.

The software has over 24,000 customers worldwide with over 650 reviews on G2 with a rating of 4.3.

Teamwork Remote collaboration tool


Birdview is a comprehensive all-in-one platform designed for strategic project planning, management, and financial forecasting, making it perfect for remote teams seeking centralized control over diverse projects. Key features include customizable project views, real-time dashboards, automated workflows, and strong collaboration capabilities. Birdview is a preferred choice for organizations aiming to manage multiple projects efficiently and grow their operations remotely.

Birdview helps thousands of mid-sized, large, and enterprise-level companies, including Toshiba, Volvo, IBM, Eset, HP, etc., across 70 countries to plan, manage, and deliver multiple projects. The software has over 360 reviews on G2 with a 4.2 rating.


Used by companies such as Nike and Disney, TeamGantt is a project management tool for Gantt charts, task planning, time tracking for workloads, team availability functions, and a drag and drop system.

It shines when working on simple projects and has a free version with up to 3 people and 1 project.

TeamGantt has thousands of customers in over 120 countries. The software has over 650 reviews on G2 with a 4.8 rating.

Teamgannt remote collaboration tool


Nutcache is a saas project management software for tracking and managing the project’s entire life cycle. Features include Gantt charts, custom workflows, time tracking, smart invoicing, billing, task management, Kaban boards, and backlog management.

Currently, Nutcache is used by over 130,000 businesses and has a free version with up to 20 users. Nutcache has over 65 reviews and a 4.4 rating on Capterra.

Nutcache remote collaboration tool


Nifty is a project management tool that allows you to manage tasks in a Kanban or list view style and includes additional features such as automated status reporting, time tracking, project portfolios, chat, documents, calendar integrations, files, roadmaps, and meeting tools.

Nifty also has collaboration features with its discussion component and integrates with many well-known apps. The software currently has a 4.8 rating on Capterra with over 85 reviews with a 14-day free trial. 

Nifty remote collaboration tool


A task and workflow project management software. Features include mobile and timesheet tracking, project tasks and time management, file sharing, invoicing, chat, custom workflows, resource management, and project collaboration functions.

ProWorkflow has over 200 reviews on Capterra with a 4.5 rating. It has a free trial option.

remote collaboration tool


Unito is a no-code, workflow automation platform that enables two-way syncing for tasks, spreadsheets, contact details, calendar events and more between teams and 40+ of the most popular apps and tools.

It’s a classic “if this, then that” platform designed with simplicity and customization in mind through an intuitive point-and-click interface.


One of the most well-known project management tools used by remote teams for planning, tracking, and managing projects. It has features for project planning, workload management, and enterprise-level security as well as the ability to track a team’s availability and offtimes.

Asana currently states a user base of over 75,000 paying organizations while also being used by millions of organizations for free in 190 countries.

You can use many of the software features for free with teams of up to 15 members. Asana has over 8900 reviews on Capterra with a 4.4 rating.

ProWorkFlow remote collaboration tool


Paymo is an online work management software. Features include Gantt charts, reports, Kanban boards, time tracking, resource Planning, invoices, and expenses.

It also integrates with many applications such as Slack, Google Apps, Zapier, Quicks, and Xero. Paymo has over 450 reviews on G2 with a 4.5 rating. There is a free trial version

Paymo Remote collaboration tool

Zoho Projects

A cloud-based project management tool featuring task management, task automation, Gantt charts, analytics, resource charts, reporting, issue tracking, and chat. The software used by marketing, real estate, software, and consulting companies.

Zoho projects has over 200 reviews on Capterra with a 4.2 rating. Zoho has over 45M users in over 180 countries.

Zoho Projects remote collaboration tool


Used by companies such as Starbucks, Uber, and IBM, Hive is a collaboration platform and project management tool for operations, marketing, and agency teams.

Hive has features including a Kanban-style task system, Gantt charts, chat, email integration with Outlook or Gmail. It currently boasts integration with over 1,000 popular tools. Hive has a 4.5 rating on G2 with over 175 reviews. There is no free version.

Hive remote collaboration tool


A widely used issue tracking and project management platform with the ability to manage agile and software development projects. Features include scrum boards, Kanban boards, roadmaps, agile reporting, customizable workflows, backlog, track bugs, app integration, and drag/drop components.

Jira has a free version for up to 10 users. Jira has over 9,200 reviews on Capterra with a 4.4. rating.

Jira remote collaboration tool

Kanban Tool

This tool has time tracking with a Kanban board for your business and visual project management functions. They currently have over 25,000 users.

This tool gives an overview of the current work status and simplifies team collaboration and communication.


Trello is a simple Kanban based visual project management tool that shines in task management. In Trello, each project is represented by boards, each task by cards, and the status of the task by lists.

You manage the task workflow by moving cards from one list to another.

Trello is currently used by over 1M teams worldwide. It has a free option with 10 team boards. Trello has over 17,000 reviews on Capterra with a 4.5 rating.

Trello remote collaboration tool


A project management tool with live group chat, to-do lists, message boards, file storage, and an automatic check-in function.

It integrates with many third-party tools and allows you to assign tasks to team members. Basecamp has a chart function which it believes is better than a Gantt chart because it allows you to spot and fix problems before a project is due.

There is no free version but they do have a 30-day trial you can test drive. Basecamp has a 4.3 rating on Capterra with over 12,000 reviews.

Basecamp remote collaboration tool


Used by companies such as Wells Fargo, Verizon, and Adidas, Workzone is a project management software that works well for operations, remote workers and marketing teams.

It has features that include to-do lists, Gantt charts, time tracking, project templates, document sharing, task management, workload reports, and integrations with other applications.

There is no free version and it has over 125 reviews on Capterra with a 4.7 rating.

Workzone remote collaboration tool


For creating incredible videos with ease, Tella stands out as your all-in-one online screen recorder. Whether it’s for making demos, online courses, customer 1:1s, or promoting your project on social media, Tella offers a simple yet powerful platform to create videos that make an impact.

Its features like record clips, customizable backgrounds, zoom effects, and the ability to trim & split make it perfect for remote design teams looking to share their work, provide clear feedback, or create engaging presentations. Tella’s versatility and ease of use make it essential for enhancing remote collaboration and productivity.


A project collaboration and management software Podio’s functions include automated Workflows, integrated chat, unlimited storage, meeting scheduling, personal dashboards, and project management components.

Podio has over 325 reviews on G2 with a 4.1 rating. and has a free version for up to 5 people.

Podio remote collaboration tool


Used by companies such as Microsoft and Zendesk, Productboard is a project management software that helps companies get products to market faster.

Features include task management, user segmentation, release planning,  prioritization scores, prioritization matrix, team, and public roadmaps. There is no free version of the software it has over 100 reviews on Capterra with a 4.7 rating.

Productboard remote collaboration tool


Touted as an all-in-one project planning software ProofHub allows you to assign tasks, create custom workflows, get daily progress reports on your team, make announcements, share files for feedback while having functional Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

ProofHub also integrates with many well-known apps and has a free trial. It has over 40 reviews on Capterra with a 4.3 rating.

ProofHub remote collaboration tool


A Kanban-style project management tool for software teams used by over 1000 companies. Features include drag and drop for Kanban boards, velocity charts, burndown charts, and cumulative flow diagrams to track progress, real-time discussion, and collaboration features, and integration with other applications.

Clubhouse has a free version for up to 10 users and has over 125 reviews on Capterra with a 4.7 rating.

Clubhouse remote collaboration tool


A project management software used by companies such as Shaw Industries and Siemens energy.

Features include financial planning, time & expense management, resource management, IT portfolio management, and enterprise-grade security.

Clarizen is used by project managers, marketing professional services, and information technology teams. Clarizen is used in over 75 countries Clarizen has over 420 reviews on G2 with a 4.1 rating with a free trial option.

Clarizen remote collaboration tool


Smartsheet is a project management and issue tracking software that works well for tracking project issues, and editing documents that require collaboration.

It is used by a wide variety of companies and industries. Smartsheet is used by over 75% of Fortune 500 companies and has over 2,025 reviews on G2 with a rating of 4.2. There is a 30-day free trial.

Smartsheet remote collaboration tool


Timesheet and project management software used by marketing, graphic design, public relations, creative teams, and multimedia firms.

Features include time and expense tracking, estimating and budgeting, reports, task functions, and internal communication boards. Functionfox has over 135 reviews on Capterra with a 4.5 rating

FunctionFox remote collaboration tool

Jotform Sign

Jotform Sign is an e-sign tool that allows you to collect signatures for documents effectively. It offers countless templates for your documents as well as an intuitive design interface.

They can be easily shared with a single link or QR code and all submissions can be managed within the product – no need for coding. It’s the perfect way to automate your signing processes with your remote team. Their free plan includes up to 100 signed documents per month and paid subscriptions are available.


Liquidplanner allows you to build, estimate, and manage a pipeline of pending, active, and approved projects. It has a drag and drop feature with a unique task prioritization scheduling methodology.

The software also has a resource workload report and allows you to estimate and track project costs. It offers a free trial while being used by more than 1,300 organizations and having over 600 reviews on Capterra with a 4.3 rating.

LiquidPlanner remote collaboration tool


An issue tracking and project management tool that has the ability to create workflows, track tasks, and bugs, and plan releases.

Features include agile boards, reports, dashboards, team documentation, time management, and integrations. You can use the cloud version or host it on your own server.

Free version for up to 10 teams. Youtrack has over 35 reviews and a 4.2 rating on G2.

YouTrack remote collaboration tool


This cloud-based project management software was created for agile project teams. It allows you to manage and organize tasks using Kanban-style boards, and create workflows. Users like the drag and move tasks from one stage to the next.

Meistertask has a free basic option and has over 850 reviews on Capterra with a 4.7 rating

Meistertask remote collaboration tool

Productivity Remote Tools for Work

EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is a screen recording software that captures video, audio, a webcam or image for any occasion or when hiring remote workers.

You can record Zoom meetings, Youtube Videos, games. The software lets you record your screen with internal audio and your voice on Mac and Windows


Almanac is a collaborative doc editor designed to help distributed and hybrid teams cut reliance on other tools such as Slack, email, and meetings.

Almanac brings together everything you need to get work done into a doc editor: tasks, feedback requests, chat, approvals, wikis, public sharing, doc analytics, and more. Hundreds of remote teams use Almanac to collaborate on docs, organize documentation, and streamline processes as they scale.


Indy is a great tool for managing your consulting or freelance business. Some features include time tracking, invoicing, tasks, a chat function, forms, proposals, and more.

The productivity tool has both web and mobile apps. You can create, send and sign contracts quickly with the tool. Indy has a 4.7 rating on Capterra with over 60 reviews.


Hubstaff is a project monitoring and time tracking software. Features include productivity monitoring, timesheets, team scheduling, payroll, GPS tracking, project budgeting, and task management.

Used in a variety of industries such as architecture and engineering, software development, manufacturing, and more.

Hubstaff is currently used by over 10,000 teams across the world. Hubstaff has a free version for 1 user and has a 4.6 rating on Capterra.

Hubstaff remote work tool

Blink is a productivity software for frontline workers that combines an internal message board, secure group chat, one-on-one chat, content sharing, cloud storage, employee directory, workforce analytics, mandatory reading, and online meetings.

Available on the Web, Desktop, iOS, Android apps Blink has over 125 reviews on G2 with a 4.6 rating. There is no free version.

Blink remote work tool


A productivity software used by Facebook, Nasa, Netflix, and others to organize, plan and collaborate on tasks. The software connects with SaveMyLeads, Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zapier, Toggl, and more.

Todoist is used by over 5M people and has over 1175 reviews on Capterra with a 4.5 rating. There is a free version for up to 5 people.

todoist remote work tool


Chanty is a team collaboration tool with Kanban boards, task management, file storage, chat, screen sharing, and audio calls. Chanty has over 30 reviews on Capterra with a 4.9 Rating. Chanty is free for up to 10 people.

chanty remote work tool

Team Communication Tools For Remote Teams

eXo Platform

The eXo Platform has an employee integrated hub that provides an all-in-one collaboration software with employee productivity tools. Features include communication tools, employee recognition tools, collaboration tools, and productivity options.

The software can also integrate with Microsoft Office or the Google suite.

This fast-growing collaboration platform software has over 105 reviews on Capterra with a 4.6 rating.


This is a great software that allows you to have live streaming sessions and record webinar sessions in HD.

Features also include polls & surveys, chat, and calls to action to increase user engagement. The platform also integrates with Zapier, Slack and others.

LiveWebinar has over 100 reviews on Capterra with a 4.8 rating. They have a free plan you can try to start out and paid plans for larger webinars.


Slack integration has real-time messaging chat, video and includes a searchable record of all your files. It integrates with google drive, Office 365, and 2,200 other applications.

It has file sharing, a workflow builder, and enterprise-level security. Slack has millions of users and over 25,000 reviews on G2 with a 4.5 rating. There is a free version.

slack remote work tool


Used by remote workers worldwide GoogleMeet is a part of the g suite for business. The tool features include live chat, video meetings, and the ability to share presentations.

This video conferencing tool is used by millions around the world. It has over 9,000 reviews on Capterra with a 4.5 rating. with great features for remote teams. There is a free version.

Google meet remote work tool

Microsoft Teams

A collaboration tool perfect for remote teams for chat, calls, and video meetings. With features that help you find, share, and edit files within the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem.

Microsoft teams has over 75M users and 7,250 reviews on G2 with a 4.2 rating. There is a free version.

Microsoft teams remote work tools