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Elevating Employer Branding Strategies with AI

People’s perceptions of your brand determine your business success. No matter how hyperbolic it may sound, it is true.

Perhaps that is why 77% of companies consider employer branding an integral part of their business strategies. Yet, 49% say their reputation as employers is lousy, and there’s definitely room for improvement.

If your employer brand also needs restoration or total rebirth, artificial intelligence (AI) is the “oxygen” you can breathe into to revive it. In fact, the number of businesses adopting AI and machine learning (ML) has surged dramatically.This guide will help you create a successful employer brand with AI tools so that once asked: “What is the world’s best employer,” your name will come to people’s minds first. By the way, Samsung, IBM, and Apple, among others, topped such a list in 2022.

6 Tips to Strengthen Your Employer Brand with AI

Dive into the best employer branding strategies with artificial intelligence.

Map out your employer branding strategy

How to begin? What should you start with when you want to improve your employer brand?

These concerns often bother business leaders and HR managers.

That’s when AI can become your clutch hitter and change your employer branding game from planning to execution.

“Investing in AI-driven solutions, you can take a strategic approach to employer branding,” says Jim Pendergast, Senior Vice President at altLINE Sobanco. “It means that it can help you strategize the three fundamental aspects: attracting, engaging, and retaining employees. Importantly, artificial intelligence automates and optimizes planning and budgeting for employer brands,” he explains.

If you aim at talent acquisition, engagement, and retention at once, pick one of the AI-powered employer branding tools to plan and visualize your employer branding strategy:

  • The Martec
  • Cliquify
  • Papirfly
  • ClinchTalent, etc.

One of these can mark your starting point for effective employer content planning.

Leverage AI storytelling to attract top talent

When building an employer brand, it’s crucial to showcase your business to potential employees in the best possible light.

Michael Maximoff, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Belkins, advises brands to use the power of artificial intelligence for brand storytelling to attract the best talent. He says, “Brand stories work in two ways: they convert leads into customers and attract talented employees simultaneously.

With AI-powered tools, telling your brand story is as easy as generating a timeline of your brand development. You can feed AI software with facts like the turning points (years), founders, awards, number of employees, mission, values, etc.”

For example, here’s a company history timeline on the “About Us” page at Belkins.

The following AI tools can write compelling brand stories for employers:

  • ChatGPT
  •’s Brand Story Generator
  • (for video storytelling)

Try them out to boost your employer brand with a magnetic story.

Note: 61% of job seekers scroll through companies’ websites before applying. That’s why it would be best to place your brand story on your “About” page, “Careers” page, or even the homepage to make it more visible.

Use AI bots to onboard your new hires

As you may have noticed, we stepped into the future of hiring with AI that navigates the candidate experiences, and streamlines recruitment overall.

And this is not the limit.

“Today, AI technologies are being successfully implemented for improving an employer brand during onboarding,” mentions Max Wesman, Founder & COO of GoodHire. “Employers turn to conversational AI bots, aka AI virtual assistants, for onboarding, handling company- and work-related queries, and personalizing the new hire experience.”

Let’s look at several use cases of AI chatbots for onboarding:

Case study #1. uses MeBeBot to provide instant answers to FAQs about the company.

Case study #2.

Unilever uses Unabot to fetch the needed information for new employees.

Case study #3.

IBM has developed the Your Learning platform with a new hire chatbot to answer questions 24/7.

Case study #4.

Manipal Hospitals uses Leena AI’s chatbot to manage employees’ queries about HR policies, taxes, payroll, etc.).

Let AI personalize employee benefits packages

Consider this. 65% of employees want to have a say regarding their benefits package. However, only 36% can select their preferred benefits.

Personalization is another value of AI in employer branding strategies that becomes handy here. AI is a perfect solution to offer individual benefits to everyone and retain employees.

“Thanks to AI’s data-driven insights, employers can personalize employee benefits like insurance, retirement plans, mental health coverage, paid time off, personal and professional development plans, or wellness programs,” notes Anthony Martin, Founder and CEO of Choice Mutual. “In this case, AI empowers continuous employee segmentation (relying on certain factors such as age, gender, personality type, likes/dislikes) and designs specific perks for each worker.”

For instance, by analyzing the employees’ medical records, AI can suggest individual health benefits plans like dental, vision, or critical illness insurance.

Create an employee feedback loop with AI-generated surveys

Your workers won’t ever dread the annual feedback survey.
With the right AI software, you can position your company as a caring employer interested in everyone’s needs by sending out relevant and regular surveys, analyzing the results, and acting on them to drive a great work environment.

Artificial intelligence can centralize 360-degree feedback and signal about employee experience via online reports.

Capture employee feedback in real time with these AI tools:

  • TeamFeedback
  • Effy AI
  • Leapsome
  • Engagedly

However, before jumping to them, here’s a cautionary note from Volodymyr Shchegel, VP of Engineering at Clario, on cybersecurity and ethical considerations of artificial intelligence in employee data collection. He says, “To build trust with your employees and promote a strong employer brand, ensure complete anonymity and privacy of survey results collected in your preferred AI platform. Moreover, it’s worth scrutinizing AI for biases and discriminatory language that ML models could have picked up during training.”

Generate engaging content for social media

Did you know that 86% of job seekers research company information and interact with job-related content via social media?

If the only content you share on social networks is “We’re hiring!” posts and company updates once in a blue moon (let’s be honest), it’s time to change that right now.

How should you use artificial intelligence for content marketing to attract new employees and engage teams on social channels?

Take it from Hardy Desai, Founder of Supple. He says, “The major roles of AI for employer branding on social media lie in content creation and post automation. Besides vacancies, it can help produce interactive posts like fun GIFs, quizzes, workplace tours, welcome-to-the-team shoutouts, employee congratulation videos, and more.”

Check out the following AI tools to help you create and automate social media content:

  • Hootsuite Amplify
  • Seenit
  • Oktopost
  • Ambassify
  • Sociabble

Use them to your advantage to advertise jobs on social media and schedule other content pieces to maintain a consistent social media presence and enhance your employer brand.

Can There Be Anything Better Than AI for Employee Branding?

Artificial intelligence is indeed a powerful tool in employers’ hands that opens up endless possibilities to attract, engage, and retain the staff.When enforced wisely, AI solutions can positively impact your company’s reputation and build a standout employer brand.

Let your business name shine bright on the lists of top employers, hire better, and manage your workforce smarter to grow and prosper together.

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