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The 8 Best Ways to Improve the Employee Experience Through the Use of Technology

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When businesses consider adopting technology, their main concern is how this incorporation will benefit their customers. However, the employees who use said technology play the biggest role in affecting customer satisfaction.

What’s more, employee experience can be affected by minor inconveniences from sub-par software, which affects their productivity and happiness

In a hybrid workplace, where employees are more reliant on technology, high-quality software becomes less of a want and more of a need.

Still, adopting these X technologies will improve employee experience in all workforces, regardless of their size, mobility, or digital accessibility. 

8 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Employee Experience 

1. Transaction Management Software: For Transaction Management

Transaction management software (TMS) is typically used in the real estate industry to automate appointment dates, compile reports and generate leads. 

However, only the best TMS can offer dynamic features at a low cost.

For example, Paperless Pipeline’s transaction software offers fully customizable checklists, workload management, commission management, and compliance management all in one place.

What’s more, TMS can email leads directly from the software with the use of templates.

2. Accounting Software: For Financial Management

Many small businesses are tempted to use Excel or Google Sheets for their financial management, but you’ll start to become confused very quickly.

Not only can’t a spreadsheet look after multiple client accounts, but by the end of the year, your employees will have to work even harder during tax time. It’s better to cut the cord early and get financial software.

For the most part, accounting software is cost-effective and will save your employees a lot of time and energy. There are cloud-based packages available that do the following:

  • Calculate tax liability
  • Display revenue and financial trends
  • Track costs and profitability

One thing for sure, Excel can’t determine what your write-offs are or how much you need to give to the state and federal government each year in taxes.

It’s in your best interest to buy a program that protects your legal liability, or your business may be audited due to human error. There is also a professional mortgage interpreting service that can help in some ways.

3. HR Management Software: For Recruitment

Human resources management (HRM) software used to be restricted to employee records, benefits, and payroll, but it’s since expanded due to automation and demand for cloud technology.

These changes in customer expectations and the greater willingness of employees to use online self-service modules make most HR tasks less hands-on or time-consuming. Document automation, automated reporting, and more work together to produce a better experience for everyone involved. 

With the time HR frees up on tedious, standardized tasks while using HRM software, they can focus on improving company culture, employee performance, branding, and recruiting. 

4. Email Client Software: For Sending Emails Quickly

Email marketing is still the most effective marketing tool because it delivers the highest ROI of all marketing channels—$42 back for every dollar you spend.

A good email client allows you to:

  • Quickly search through old emails
  • Keep an address book
  • Send and receive emails from more than one mailbox
  • Instantly receive remains in the background 
  • Automatically sync emails to the cloud
  • Sort and create folders to sort emails

Employees who use this software will have an easier time replying to and managing their email subscribers, which removes the complication of manually sorting through customer requests. They can also reach out and make requests for financial translation services when needed.

5. Customer Relationship Management Software: For Lead Generation

Customer relationship management software (CRM) does a lot of things. For one, it allows you to manage all of your contacts (or customers) in a manageable way.

You’re able to categorize each person based on how they relate to other customers, creating a customer avatar.

A customer avatar can help your employees sell easier, but it can also allow your workers to communicate with your contacts in groups or individually. CRM software lets you set up calendars that notify users when your customers need to be contacted after a service.

With this automatization, you can see if they’re happy with your business or if they need a resolution. 

For example, in the real estate world, having a good CRM system is essential for improved employee experience. A mortgage CRM system helps loan officers keep track of their clients, prospects, and referral sources.

It helps them stay organized, close more deals, automate their marketing, stay in touch with their clients, and build long-lasting relationships. In today’s competitive market, a good CRM system can mean the difference between success and failure.

Finally, CRM software can be integrated with your marketing channels and finance software, so you can gain insight into how different advertising approaches work to affect your sales.

6. VOIP or Instant Messaging Software: For Communication

In a hybrid or remote workplace, instant messaging software, like Slack, becomes important to your employees’ daily lives.

Whereas your employees may check their email once or twice a day, an instant messaging service that’s linked directly to their phones will be noticed more readily. Employees can even use this service to speak to clients or other co-workers.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) software has changed significantly since its implementation and can often be downloaded and used for free.

Zoom is a great example of this technology. With VOIP, employees won’t need to drive over to the office for a meeting, benefiting their work-life balance.

Definetly find the best internal communications software.

7. Help Desk Software: For Managing Customer Inquiries 

Help desk software combines customer service and It to serve employees or customers. Its core functions help teams provide self-service options, manage support requests, and track and report performance. Help desk software makes your customers/employees feel heard by:

  • Placing all customer interaction (email, phone, web, chat, text, social) in one place.
  • Generating a ticket for each issue and automatically associating it with a customer.
  • Assigning tickets to the agent that can help the customer based on expertise.
  • Reassigning tickets to someone else if the employee is busy with a click.
  • Telling customers the issue was resolved on their preferred communication channel.
  • Creating a workflow that assigns different responsibilities to separate agents.
  • Providing analytics and internal KPIs to track customer satisfaction scores.

Help desk software can piggyback off CRM and marketing software to better serve your customers and improve the employee experience by further streamlining the process.

Check out this helpdesk ticketing system comparison for options.

8. Document Scanning Software: For Documentation

Sometimes your business can’t avoid receiving physical documents from a client. Still, you need some way to scan these documents on the computer to work with them or file them securely within your database.

Scanning software can quickly scan notes from a meeting, documents, and business cards directly from your smartphone with images embedded.

Your employees won’t have to worry about losing important notes or client documents with this tool.

Plus, document scanning apps can connect directly to the cloud, virtually eliminating the need for faxes and opening up space in your office for other physical technology.

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