With so many different business-friendly software suites on the market, making your choice is rarely easy.

It’s often best to go with a package from a well-known brand, and Microsoft 365 is a great example of why the big players deserve a lot of attention. 

So what makes this particular subscription service worth investing in as a business owner?

All sorts of established apps are included

The Microsoft ecosystem of apps has been around for decades and is always expanding and improving. This means that there’s an excellent mix of the old and the new included under the 365 umbrella, from Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to tools for communication and collaboration like Teams, Outlook, and Exchange.

If you’re familiar with Microsoft products already, it’s a logical step to adopt 365 so that the learning curve is shallow.

Cloud storage is convenient

Another appealing facet of Microsoft 365 is its inclusion of cloud storage as standard, under the OneDrive app which gives you a decent amount of room to work with for each user.

Having a plan for backing up and recovering data is an important part of ensuring business continuity, and so it’s useful if the software you rely on for your daily operations offers this innately.

Consider hiring professional IT services to set up Microsoft 365 for your organization

Speaking of continuity, if you don’t want to leave anything to chance then working with IT pros to ensure Microsoft 365 is properly deployed makes sense.

There are service providers across the country from San Francisco IT support firms to those in every other city and state. So even if your in-house IT abilities are limited, you can still get exceptional assistance.

Updates apply automatically

When using locally installed software, you’re responsible for ensuring that any updates issued by the vendor are installed and tested thoroughly.

With Microsoft 365, this is all handled on their side, so you get the latest and greatest versions of all the apps, complete with bulletproof security, without having to lift a finger.

Excellent accessibility

Because Microsoft 365 is powered by the cloud, that means you can access the same pool of apps from any compatible device so long as you’ve got an internet connection.

So whether you want to work from the office, from home, or out in the field, this is a setup that has all your bases covered.

Incomparable cost-effectiveness

Bundling together so many outstanding and useful applications under a single monthly subscription fee per user is definitely more affordable than any alternative.

Furthermore, there are different tiers of Microsoft 365 subscriptions to cater to businesses with different needs and different budgetary constraints, so the value is always on the cards.

User-friendliness is assured

From veterans to newcomers, Microsoft 365 will be intuitive to get to grips with whatever segment of the spectrum you sit on.

This is particularly important when it comes to onboarding employees, as you want to get them up to speed with the apps you use as a priority.

Collaboration is a breeze

We touched on the collaborative potential of Microsoft 365 earlier, and it’s worth restating that many of the apps allow people to work together on projects simultaneously.

From Word docs to Excel spreadsheets, being able to have entire teams contributing at the same time and in the same ecosystem is brilliant for productivity.

Wrapping up

Microsoft 365 is just one of several packages to offer business-friendly software tools under the same roof. However, it manages to outdo its competitors in various ways and is affordable enough to make it worth trying even if you don’t commit in the long term.