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Why You Should Use an AI-Based Talent Acquisition Software to Find Your Hiring Stars

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Recruiting talented people to fill lynchpin roles in your business has to be a priority if you want to gain momentum and outdo competitors.

However, when it comes to certain specialisms, it’s tricky to identify the people who are most appropriate for a given job.

This is where modern talent acquisition software, powered by artificial intelligence, comes into play. It might sound like a sci-fi concept, but it’s very much a reality of the modern job market.

Let’s explore the main advantages of the latest tools which can help incorporate unbeatable candidates into your team and take your business to the next level.

Automation is the name of the game

One of the main reasons that organizations are encouraged to use AI-enhanced talent acquisition software is that it is able to automate the never-ending admin tasks associated with recruitment.

Automation through AI is particularly impactful during the first phase of the process, namely that of screening candidates based on their basic information and the resumes they submit.

You can pick metrics which matter most to you so you can separate the wheat from the chaff, rather than being lumbered with the time-consuming manual task of scrutinizing huge stacks of paperwork by hand.

In terms of the factors which influence candidate suitability, this can be everything from the previous experience they have to offer and the skills they bring to the table, to the training, qualifications and accreditations they have attained.

The software doesn’t just have to filter candidates on a binary basis either; applicants can be graded, giving you a sliding scale of selection that is applied automatically.

In the case that you have literally hundreds of prospects for a role, the perks of AI-augmented talent acquisition solutions should be obvious.

Furthermore, many software packages of this kind are tied into vast recruitment databases, so if you are aiming to poach prospects from other organizations, pinpointing the juiciest talent becomes a breeze before you have even posted a job ad.

Communication is streamlined

Getting in touch with candidates and stewarding the relationship between them and your organization in the early stages is another drain on resources. For smaller firms in particular, finding the time to wrangle this aspect successfully can mean making sacrifices in other areas.

With effective onboarding being vital to both the acquisition and retention of skilled employees, you need a way of tackling communication efficiently. As you might expect, the might of AI can be brought to bear on this as well.

With conversational AI development and natural language processing (NLP) now available, you can build a chatbot that manages the onboarding process. The chatbot will handle FAQs and initial contact with candidates in the early stages, responding to common questions and taking some of the strain off your HR team.

Cutting edge talent acquisition software can come equipped with the capability to engage with candidates via AI chatbots and associated automation tools. 

While you might want to have in-person meetings or calls with prospective employees for the more in-depth aspects of recruitment, being able to tend to their basic needs without monopolizing the time of your flesh and blood recruiters is appealing.

Even simple things like providing up to the moment information on the progress that is being made by their application can make a big difference. It keeps people in the loop and makes them feel valued, and doesn’t require additional resources on your part.

Customization is straightforward

We have already touched on the ability to choose bespoke metrics against which candidates can be measured, and this is just one example of how top talent acquisition software can encompass the unique needs of your recruitment team.

Plenty of solutions are able to embrace whatever custom workflow you require, which is useful if you have industry-specific aspects of the recruitment process to integrate.

Speaking of integration, you can also expect this type of software to play ball with a plethora of other popular platforms for the sake of convenience. So when it comes to things like importing resumes and interacting with email systems, this should not be a problem.

Scalability is innate

Since talent acquisition services tend to be hosted in the cloud rather than requiring local installation, they are also scalable and affordable whether you are a startup or a large multinational corporation.

And the same applies to the precision and accuracy of the machine learning candidate selection tools as well. The more you use them, the better they will get at their job, and the less time it will take to thin out the field and find the top talent.

Wrapping up

The question really is not why you should be using AI-based talent acquisition software today, but rather if you aren’t on top of this trend, why you would bother holding out any longer.

The advantages are many and varied, the costs are minimal, the learning curve for users is shallow and the long term impact on your business could be transformative, so get involved while competitors are dallying!

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