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What to Wear to an Interview?

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What you wear in an interview creates the first positive impression on the interviewer. 

Regardless of the position you are applying for, if you wear a professional outfit, it can help maximize your chances of getting a job. It creates a decent look. Are you appearing for an interview soon? Then this blog is for you. We are going to get you covered. From suit to cufflinks, there are several ideal options for clothing and accessories that you can wear in an interview. Explore the finest stores selling them now if you want to know where to buy cufflinks from. 

However, we will have a detailed discussion of different clothing items for interview purposes that can completely transform your professional wardrobe. 

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A Button-Down Shirt Along with a Sweater 

When you are supposed to go for an interview with a specific dress code that can be casual for any workplace environment, wear a button-down shirt and put on a sweater over it. This is perfect! There are multiple sweater options like pullovers, high-neck jumpers, etc. You can choose the one that you like the most. Make sure you are opting for neutral colors like grey, black, brown, etc.; all of them can pair amazingly with a myriad of other colors. 

A Smartly Textured Blazer 

If you want to look more sophisticated while going to an interview, you can club your button-down shirt and trousers with a textured blazer. There are a lot of options for tweed blazers available in neutral colors. 

All you need to do is just choose one among them and add a tie to the outfit to make sure you look professional! But if you’re still attracted by the look but want a slightly more formal appearance, then you can’t go far wrong with a black blazer.

All you need to do is just choose one among them and add a tie to the outfit to make sure you look professional! 

Polo Shirt 

Summer is coming up soon, and if you are going to attend a job interview during the warmer months, you can wear a polo shirt then, provided that the office where you are going for the interview has a casual dress code.

To create a look having a somewhat professional touch, you can pair your polo shirt with khaki trousers, and you are ready! Moreover, there is no need for ties in this look, but you can make it more sophisticated by wearing a sweater. 


Wearing a tie during an interview can add the most professional touch, and you can thus leave a great impression on the interviewer. If you are going for an interview at any formal organization, opt for a classic tie. It is the best option. 

Traditional ties mostly come in elegant stripes or checkered patterns. However, if the organization likes a casual attitude, don’t hesitate to go for any of the boldest tie designs. In an interview, the type of tie that you will choose for yourself should represent what kind of personality you have, 


Regardless of what dress code you have chosen to wear in an interview, make sure you are tucking in your shirt. So, wearing a belt is crucial when going for an interview. Just ensure that you are picking leather belts matching the color of your shoes. 

Covered-Toes Shoes 

When you are going for an interview, you need to wear closed-toed shoes. There are different options to choose from. For instance, you can either wear oxfords, loafers, or dress shoes with laces. 

When it comes to suitable shoe colors for interviews, pick the dark ones like brown or black. Buy a pair in materials like leather or suede, and you are ready to rock it! Shoes are the best way to pull your complete look together if it is ensured that they match the color of the rest of your attire. 


Fewer chances are there that your interviewer will see your socks, but they are still one of the most important components of your interview attire. Make sure you are wearing matching socks with the other parts of your outfit to have a professional look. 

Some decent examples are: you can wear black socks with black pants. Else, you can choose other solid colors for the socks you can wear during an interview. However, it doesn’t mean that printed socks are a no-no for your interview look. Several subtle and chic prints and designs like striped socks and many more can be some of the greatest options.

All you need to do is just take care of the fact the basic color of your socks matches the color of your outfit.

A Formal Shirt with a Tie 

We have already discussed how important a tie is for creating a perfect professional look while you go to attend an interview. But what can help you completely transform your tie look is wearing a formal shirt with that. 

If the workplace environment where you are going for an interview is completely formal, this combination of a formal shirt with a tie is perfect. Just make sure you are not choosing very bright colored shirts; go for the light and decent ones. They look perfect with a bright-colored tie like black or blue and contrasting formal pants. 

Stylish Business Formal 

If you are going to attend an interview at one of those companies with a business formal dress code, but you don’t want to stick to the old-school black suit and white shirt, you can very easily add a modern touch to it. 

Include a touch of discretion in coordinating your outfit, and you will look perfect! You don’t have to wear a stagnant and boring business formal anymore. Be creative and play with subtle colors which are still attractive. How about wearing a light blue patterned tie that matches a striped shirt?

If you wear an outfit like this, it will add an ultimate touch of urban chicness to your interview look while maintaining a professional feel. Another relevant example here can be wearing a grey suit coat and pants that can create a formal look, but much more modern than a typical pitch-black suit. 

Wrapping Up   

We have discussed some of the best outfit and accessories options for men to create a unique interview look. Which one of them do you like the most?

Make sure you opt for the professional clothing options that suit you the most, and you will surely look your best in your next interview! 

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