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What is Sales Enablement and How it Works

Almost every organization yearns to earn more than its competitors. This is because the more revenue a business earns, the more the business can meet all its financial commitments.

Moreover, more sales signify that their business strategies are working effectively. This is an indicator that their firm is flourishing and is responding positively to their market demands.

However, the principle of what you sow is what you reap is a key factor in determining the viability of the business.

An organization that does not put the right tools in place for the business to flourish might only experience a rise in revenue in the short run. Without a doubt, the business has a huge role to play in maintaining a healthy sales figure.

What is Sales Enablement?

Just as the name implies, sales enablement is equipping your sales staff to undertake their duties in a more tactical, strategic, efficient, and effective manner.

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The resultant effect of this is a boost in the sales and every other indicator that drives sales. Sales enablement means that organizations would not just set sales targets for their sales team. They would also train them to grant them the insight to achieve the set targets.

Here are some of the activities that an organization can enroll its staff in to enable them to seal more sales deals.


Having a regular training and development exercise for all sales staff would keep them abreast of recent trends. This would also keep them informed on current market demands.

Also, sales staff would be able to take out time to engage in critical thinking, while under-going the training exercise. A mind that is constantly being refreshed with new ideas and training materials would be adequately prepared to tactically tackle any challenges on the field.


Sales enablement means empowering staff to perform better. Moreover, there’s no better way of empowering staff than providing the right software that would aid the understanding of their sales activities.

There are a lot of software applications that analyze data from prior sales activities to predict future sales.

Interestingly, some of these applications give recommendations and proffer solutions that will boost sales.

Customer Service Orientation

It is assumed that all salespersons are automatically good with people relations. This is a faux as employees that work in both the sales and marketing department need to re-oriented on how to apply a professional and friendly principle when dealing with customers.

The key to maintaining a given clientele is not only by providing them with quality goods and services.

The importance of applying people and customer relations skills cannot be over-emphasized. Customer service is one aspect of any business unit that can make or mar any given organization.

It is very essential to pay proper attention to employees at the front desk too.

Adequate training should be given to all staff that represents the business when dealing with third parties.

Most especially existing and potential customers, no stone should be left unturned and this orientation should be a regular practice.

Why is Sales Enablement Vital?

Sales enablement has become an essential tool because it benefits the organization in the long run. Remember the sole reason why a business was created is to continue to generate revenue.

Also, revenue generation is made possible from the activities and strategies drafted out by the management. Now, these strategies are handed over to the sales team for proper implementation and results.

These results are what translates to sales. Moreover, this keeps the business viable.

It is essential to understand some of the merits of sales enablement. They include:

Customer Loyalty Ratio Enhanced

Sales enablement increases the customer loyalty ratio. The customer loyalty ratio is computed by calculating, how many times a returning customer purchases goods or services?

This is because the sales team has been equipped through training, short-courses such as business simulation classes, customer orientation cycles, technology enlightenment sessions, etc.

This training has translated into skills that would enhance their manner of approach to customers and this would reflect an increase in the overall sale figures.

Reduction in Staff Turnover

Staff Turnover is simply the number of employees that exit an organization in a given employment cycle or financial year.

A high rate of staff turnover indicates that there are unpleasant work conditions. As employees seldom exit organizations that provide them with their wants.

Sales enablement is essential because equipping staff is one of the benefits that accrue not just to the organization but also to the staff.

This is because their horizon is broadened when organizations contribute to their skill set. It’s a form of staff motivation. Also, employees that work in a staff-enabled environment are remunerated fairly.

They also get bonuses when they meet their set target and are rewarded with other kinds of gestures.

So, it’s a win-win situation and this encourages them to constantly put their best foot forward in all their tasks.

Strategic Content

Sales enablement also has a positive impact on the kinds of advertorial content produced. This is because the marketing and sales team work hand in hand. As a result of the sales enablement exercises that they have been subjected to.

Both teams would have a grasp on the importance of churning out content, that would appeal to their target audience. Also, they’ll go for the option that would most probably create a buzz on the internet.

This simply means organizational resources would be effectively utilized. Adverts, copywriting, captioning and content would not take the regular ‘fulfill all righteousness’ approach. Instead, it would be strategically targeted at making the brand visible.

Sales enablement is an important exercise that should involve all employees that work in sales, marketing, and top management. These people are very essential to the success of the overall organization.

Also, sales enablement reveals the bigger picture which is always in alignment with the organizational vision.

Moreover, sales enablement ensures that goal congruence is achieved in all departments. This affects the revenue-generating ability of the organization.

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