Drafting the perfect resume is one of the best ways to land the job of your dreams. Many people overlook this factor. However, a good outline resume can help you succeed as a job seeker.

Only some resumes can help you achieve this, so you should know how to draft a good one. Here are some good skills to put on a resume to help you land your dream job.

What Are Good Skills To Put On A Resume?

Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential regardless of the field you want to work for. Knowing how to give and obtain information is vital when working in any environment.

Speaking and verbal skills are crucial to helping you succeed as a job seeker and an employee.

Employers want candidates who can express themselves, understand their co-workers, and communicate with them.

Active Listening Skills

Active listening skills refer to listening to another individual speaking and grasping the idea he is pointing out.

It’s an essential skill in a workplace as you may miss an important point that the other employee or client has to say. Active listening skills help you understand what the other is saying and respond accordingly.

This skill shows your colleagues that you are genuinely interested in the tasks or projects. 

Computer Skills

We are living in an era where technology has dominated almost every industry in the world. Therefore, having good technological skills, especially in using computers, is essential for anyone.

As an employee, it’s essential to know how to use standard software on a computer, including word processing software, spreadsheets, etc.

Some jobs require you to know how to use specific software that you need to use within your job role. 

If you don’t know specific software, gaining some knowledge and experience is best before applying for these jobs. 

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a skill that only some possess and is most sought after by organizations of all caliber.

Employers want candidates who can quickly find an apt solution to any problem. The ability to do this doesn’t come to everyone.

You must be able to find the best solution to a given problem regardless of the circumstances. Creative thinking is a highly-valued and sought-after skill by employers primarily due to this reason.

Customer Service Skills

Customers are vital to any business. Therefore, having good customer service skills is essential to any employee. 

Good customer service skills help you identify customer concerns and create a positive experience for every customer.

Customer service mainly depends on solving customer problems and communicating appropriately with them. It is another highly sought-after skill in employees.

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are essential as they enable you to find solutions to any problem that could occur in different working environments.

Regardless of the circumstances and conditions, employees should be able to find the correct solution for every problem. It helps employees take the organization towards greater heights.

Problem-solving skills go as deep as finding the root of a problem and finding the best solution for it. It simply doesn’t find any solution to the problem. Instead, it finds the most apt solution.


Flexibility is a crucial factor that every person should possess. Organizations want employees who are dynamic and can adapt to every situation.

They should be able to adapt to any working condition or environment naturally. They should also be able to use a range of approaches and methods in various circumstances to get the maximum results.

Flexibility is a trait that is vital not only in the workplace but also in life in general. Therefore, it’s a skill that you should master in life.


Earning certifications is vital as it proves your knowledge of a particular subject matter. You must look into the most sought-after subject areas or subject areas that are specific to the industry you work in.

Skillshare is an excellent platform that helps you follow courses in your desired field or subject area. Once you obtain these certifications, you can include them in your resume to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Read the linked article to learn more about Skillshare. There, you can find answers to questions such as, ‘How much does Skillshare cost?’ and ‘What is the refund policy?’ among others.

Interpersonal Skills

Good interpersonal skills are a highlight in anyone’s personal and professional life. Interpersonal skills matter because they reflect how you interact and communicate with others, especially colleagues.

Interpersonal skills cover a range of scenarios in which cooperation is of utmost importance, especially in the working environment.

Developing interpersonal skills greatly aids in working efficiently with co-workers, solving complex issues, and leading project teams in the workplace.

Management Skills

Management is an essential skill to possess in the corporate world. It’s a vital skill that helps you manage your work, your team, and their work.

Having good management skills helps you govern people and duties effectively together. A good manager is empathetic, organized, and communicates clearly to help support teamwork efficiently.

A good manager requires a combination of technical and soft skills.

Leadership Skills

A good leader can help a team work efficiently and effectively to produce the best results. Good leadership skills help organizations reach greater heights.

Leadership skills help guide team members to do their work efficiently, especially when you are working as a leader or manager in a project team.

Good leadership skills help motivate team members to complete their tasks and reach milestones within the timeframe given to them.

Organization Skills

Being organized helps you overcome many things in your personal and professional life. Organized individuals can handle multiple tasks effectively, especially when working on different projects simultaneously.

The best way to highlight your organizational skills in your resume is to share examples of how you kept track of employees and their work and managed to give the best results in your previous work assignments.

It should highlight how you used your organizational skills to prioritize tasks and meet project deadlines.


The ability to work successfully in a team is essential for every employee. Whether you are a team leader or a member, you must be able to work efficiently and effectively with your colleagues in the same team and different teams.

A good team always manages to complete tasks successfully in a work environment. Therefore, it is a trait that many organizations seek in their employees. 

How To Match Your Resume Skills To The Job Description

These days, organizations use an application tracking system (ATS), which acts as a filter to narrow applicants down and help select the most qualified candidates. Therefore, it’s vital to tailor your resume to include keywords that match your job skills. 

For example, if you’re applying for a graphic designer role, you can include software skills in creative design and even mention names like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc.

You also need to repeat common phrases and words from other job postings of the same role. 

Each job role is different from the one another. You must customize the skills and keywords on your resume and cover letter to match the position you are applying for.

Read the mistakes you should avoid on you resume.

What Are The Technical Or Hard Skills To Include On Your Resume?

Technical and complex skills are also essential skills to include on your resume. Regardless of your industry, it is necessary to have basic knowledge and hard skills in different areas of expertise.

Following are some technical or complex skills that are vital to include on your resume based on different job roles.

How To Discover Skills The Company Values

You must use the job description to tailor your resume skills and employment history areas. It’s also essential to gain insight into the company values and workplace culture depending on the post you are applying.

You can find this out by reading reviews of previous employees via websites like Glassdoor.


Your resume is the first thing that an employer sees when you are seeking a job. It’s vital to keep it to the point and update. Your resume should highlight your capabilities as a candidate via the skills you have included. 

Essential skills to include in your resume are communication, leadership, organization, management, problem-solving, and interpersonal. Highlighting the correct abilities in your resume will help you land your dream job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Good Key Skills To Include On Your Resume?

Some key skills to include on your resume are communication, leadership, management, organization, creative thinking, flexibility, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

How Do You List Skills On Your Resume?

It’s essential to list the most relevant skills to your job role first. It means including technical and job-specific hard skills before your soft skills.

Should You List Every Skill On Your Resume?

You should include only some skills you possess on your resume. You must first list skills that are specific and most relevant to your job role, followed by a few other soft skills. A total of 10 skills are adequate to be included on your resume.