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Web Cookies: The Different Types of Cookies

Reports show that 95% of internet users familiar with cookies gave their consent. With cookies on every website, they have become a powerful marketing tool.

Avoid mistaking cookies for programs that execute a specific function. Browser cookies are text files that leave digital prints on a website. They can recognize a user on the second visit.

Software engineers use various types of cookies to personalize website browsing. Not all cookies share the same functionality.

So what are cookies, and what do they do? Keep reading this article to discover different types of browser cookies and their functions.

Essential Browser Cookies

Essential web cookies are those that the website can’t run without. They are the only type of browser cookies that have the legal right to operate without the internet user’s consent.

Missing necessary browser cookies interrupts the running of a website. For instance, you can’t log into a site without the login cookie. In a situation where you can’t ignore the function of the cookie, it becomes essential.

Functional Browser Cookies

Some people would like to argue that aesthetic cookies are essential types of cookies. However, they are more functional.

Functional cookies provide more features than basic operational cookies. But a website would survive without them.

For instance, you can use Google fonts to create a custom look for your browser. Social media platforms also use these cookies to load data to your device.

The user gives their consent through a cookie banner or a content blocker. The law forbids the use of functional cookies if the user fails to give their consent.

Marketing Cookies

These web cookies were a game-changer in the marketing world. Advertising cookies are mostly used by third parties to collect data on internet users. The cookie conducts analysis and returns accurate marketing information.

If you search for kitchen appliances, there is a great chance that you will encounter advertisements for the same.

Cookies marketing may be phasing out, but the alternate product will have the same functionality.

Performance Cookies

Software engineers use cookies to monitor the behavior of internet users. The performance cookies collect data from various visitors to the website.

Most people think that it only takes note of the internet history. However, statistics cookies are responsible for recording the loading time and other aspects.

Engineers use this data to optimize website performances. This has sparked debate among users with ethical concerns. Yet, the main aim of statistics cookies is to help the user have a better web experience.

Types of Cookies

They are numerous types of cookies that arise from various categories. In the above guide, we chose to separate the type of browser cookies according to their functionality.

The many other classifications of cookies fall under these four types. Some browser cookies are necessary, while others boost performances.

Software engineers use other web cookies to collect and analyze data from a user’s history. Besides, the data is essential in influencing marketing decisions.

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