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15 Ways to Support Millennial and Gen Z Employees

As leading generations of the workforce and general population, Gen Z and Millennials carry a lot of influence. By 2025 – in just four years – Millennials will occupy 75% of the global workforce.

Understanding how to support Millennial and Gen Z employees will help grow your business in the upcoming years.

Who Are Millennials and Gen Z?

These two generations make up the youngest sector of the workforce. Millennials were typically born from 1980 to 1996. Meanwhile, members of Generation Z (Gen Z) were roughly born from 1997 to 2012.

The oldest Millennials are 41 years old, and the youngest Gen Z members are 9 years old. Only some of Gen Z is eligible to join the workforce in 2021.

How Can You Support Millennial and Gen Z Employees?

What do Millennials and Gen Z want in the workplace? Younger generations are highly interested in flexible work arrangements, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and more.

There are many ways to recruit, retain, and support Millennial and Gen Z employees.

1. Wellness Programs

Given that Gen Z reports the highest levels of anxiety and depression of all generations, supporting employee well-being is crucial to maintaining a healthy workplace.

Whether emotional or physical, employee well-being can be supported with stress management resources, nutritional guidance, and more.

2. Employee Recognition

Celebrating your employees and their accomplishments is essential to making them feel valued and appreciated at work.

From writing thank-you notes to giving thoughtful work anniversary gifts, your actions speak volumes and help retain dedicated team members.

For example, organizations are now using Prints4sure Canvas Prints, gift cards, personalized items, and more as appreciation gifts for their employees. 

3. Flexible Work Arrangements

A flexible work environment allows your Millennial and Gen Z staff to alter their schedules and workplaces to best fit their lifestyle. For example, working from home has grown exponentially popular due to COVID-19, and hiring remote workers also benefits you as an employer.

Additionally, engineers and those who work in IT greatly value working on their own schedules so that they can take on additional and interesting projects.

4. Job Security

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Millennials and Gen Z quit their jobs at record-setting numbers because of a lack of control and security at work. They are looking for stable and growing careers.

Due to the Great Recession, older Millennials deeply appreciate job security, after losing substantial earnings and employment during that time.

5. Competitive Salary and Benefits

Both generations prioritize good pay, medical insurance, paid time off, retirement savings, tuition assistance, and more.

If you offer these benefits, make sure to feature them in your recruitment practices. Despite the similarities between the generations, there are key recruiting differences between Millennials and Gen Z.

6. Ethics and Morals

Compared to older generations, younger employees are more concerned with ethical leadership. They look for organizations that care for others.

Practicing social corporate responsibility shows your employees, customers, and stakeholders that you are a proactive contributor to our collective future.

7. Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Gen Z and younger Millennials highly value initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Take time to reflect on how well your organization practices diversity and inclusion.

How do you attract talent? What opportunities and resources do you provide and to whom? How do you decide promotions and advancements?

8. Clear Communication

Younger employees seek honest and consistent communication from leaders, managers, and organizational messaging.

To drive employee engagement and collaboration, coach your senior employees in effective communication and emotional intelligence.

Also, incorporate these values into your organization’s routines. Communication is critical in providing opportunities for constructive teamwork.

9. Personal and Professional Development

Skills development is highly sought after by the ambitious Millennial and Gen Z generations.

For example, engineers and IT professionals want to constantly learn and gain knowledge to stay up to date on modern technology.

You can develop a mentoring program that includes all your employees.

The younger team members learn from those with more experience. Also, your older employees can learn from those younger than them how to use modern technology.

10. Advanced Technology

Younger Millennials and Gen Z are known for being technologically savvy, having lived their entire lives with access to the digital world.

Also, technology allows Gen Z to be more productive and mobile while working and learning how to fax from a printer with the latest tech.

Specifically, Gen Z engineers are a new generation of talent, proving themselves connected to the world around them and ambitious to make an impact.

11. Work-Life Balance

Millennials strive for a strong balance between their personal life and professional work.

With the rise of remote work, Millennial employees increased engagement and well-being. Empowering employees to coordinate their schedules and workplaces proves beneficial for them, their families, and your business.

Also, when considering a job offer, a vast majority of engineers prioritize their work-life balance before compensation.

12. Opportunities for Growth

Members of Gen Z are particularly competitive with others who share the same position. Because of this, they want chances to stand out and accomplish something on their own.

They want unique challenges, recognition for achievements, and career growth.

13. Employee Retention Efforts

Younger generations are competitive and strive to do well in their jobs. By utilizing strategic employee retention programs, you show your Millennial and Gen Z team members that you are serious about developing a strong and healthy team and business.

Then, they will show you that they want to work alongside you.

14. Passion and Purpose

Deeply motivated by passion, most younger workers want their jobs and careers to have meaning. Making an impact and having a sense of purpose are important to Millennials and especially Gen Z.

Besides receiving competitive pay, being able to pursue passions and take on exciting challenges are priorities for your younger staffers.

15. Respect

Younger employees frequently face ageism at the workplace, often perceived as naïve or inexperienced. Age discrimination also affects workers of older generations.

For example, a Baby Boomer may not be fairly considered for a job opening because they might be close to retirement already.

Regardless of age, those who can and want to work only want to do so for someone who respects them and their ideas.

Additionally, engineers and IT professionals want their ideas and opinions to be heard and respected when making big decisions, especially in small businesses and firms.

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Young but Mighty

Millennials and Generation Z will dominate the workforce within a few years, so now is the time for you to strategize how to strengthen and provide for these generations.

When supported well, these team members will prove themselves productive, driven, and innovative. They are the future of your organization, and it’s up to you to decide how well you’ll greet them.

Author Bio

Rachel Harmon is a content writer for Cristaux International – a Chicago-based manufacturing company specializing in awards, gifts, and trophies. As part of a dedicated team, she works hard to develop strategic content. Her work elevates the Cristaux brand and utilizes the digital and human elements of marketing.

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