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6 Ways to Make Your Webinar Better

As an expert in your field, you probably get asked to attend or deliver a webinar in your area. One of the best ways to get your name out there is by webinars in the digital space. But you need to deliver an engaging and purposeful one for this to work. 

If you have had one before and didn’t get the expected results, you need to do better next time. To get better results, you need to make your webinar better. You can find some great tips below to ensure you make your next webinar better. 

Avoid Talking Head Syndrome

One of the worst things you can do when delivering a webinar is talk aimlessly. You will give everyone who attended a chance to look for ‘important’ things to do. Don’t bore the audience out of their minds to make your webinar better. 

You need to find ways to stimulate the audience’s minds to capture their interest from start to finish. Forget trying to show everyone how much you know; you will be talking to them when you do. Find ways to make the topic interesting. 

Know the Audience

You need to understand who you are talking to next. You can do that by understanding their needs and their biggest pain points. If you can find ways to show them something that will make the difference they desire, they’ll appreciate it more.

Don’t forget; your focus should be rooted in helping your audience solve their various problems.

Use Visuals

You can capture the audience’s attention when you use visuals. But you need to find the right ones, and the timing has to be right too. Slides are an excellent idea for delivering your message on a webinar. Ensure you make the slide as brilliant as possible to engage the audience. 

Engage the Audience

Make time for interaction between the webinar if you want to engage the audience. You can get some ideas on how an engaging audience works at professionals. If you lose the audience, interactions and engagements can be the best ways to get them back.

Tell Stories

Stories can be a great idea to keep the webinar interesting. Stories make the whole webinar relatable, and as an expert in your field, you probably have millions of stories. The audience will relate to what they know others have gone through too. 

Useful tips Only

If you are going to make a difference and stick to their minds, you need to use tips they can easily remember. Tips can include examples; they need to be practical ideas. Don’t use theories that no one can relate to and can’t use in real life. 

The first instinct you have may be to keep your best ideas, but don’t. When delivering a webinar, you need to be generous with some of your thoughts. When you use relatable ideas, chances are people from the webinar may seek you out in the future. 


When you want to make your webinar better, you need to put in the time to learn. Here are some tips you can easily use to make your webinar better. 

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