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Understanding the Benefits of Oracle

Oracle is a computer software company that brands from all over the world use. With their world-class features, it’s important to understand the benefits of using Oracle and its software.

What Does Oracle Offer?

Originating from Texas, Oracle is the world’s largest database management company so it is a very popular option for companies when it comes to managing and storing data.  It is also known for its cloud-engineering services and its ownership of Java (a type of high-level programming language).

To use their services and products, you need an Oracle license to have the authorization to use their services and products. Because they operate on such a large scale, across billions of devices, Oracle licensing can be complicated.

Hence, when using Oracle software or services, having comprehensive knowledge of how to comply with and optimize your license can maximize the benefits that Oracle offers. Whilst you can carry out your own research, one of the best things to do is to speak to an expert about it. 

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Oracle Databases

One of the services you may be interested in is their databases. Databases are a crucial part of a company’s management of data, and Oracle offers high-performance options. Using the Relational Database Management System (RDMS) allows companies to store and retrieve large amounts of electronic data quickly and easily. The efficiency and value of using their databases have been displayed through their reports of customers having a 417% return on investment over 5 years. Here are the benefits of using them that make them so successful. 

Package Upgrades

Having different purchase options means there is a product package available for a range of different customers, which will suit their different needs and requirements. The ability for a customer to upgrade from their original purchase allows them to easily increase things such as the number of databases as their own company grows. This means customers can scale their company and upgrade their deal with Oracle without being financially set back unnecessarily. 

Secure Data

Oracle has many advanced security features which allow the prevention of data breaches. This includes data encryption, which is the process of encoding information so others cannot decipher it; they also offer user-specific access controls and key management.

Data security is important because, in the case of a data breach, confidential information can be exposed, which can lead to litigation and financial loss. 


Their databases can run across different operating systems and hardware. You can also deploy the Oracle database wherever you need to, i.e. your data center, private cloud, or public cloud. This offers good flexibility according to your needs, such as the ability to develop and scale your business. 

High Speed

Data can also be partitioned and stored across different devices if necessary. Even with data in multiple places, only one database is needed and the data type doesn’t matter; the data is always easy to find due to the use of a logical data structure. The information is also retrieved quickly thanks to memory caching architecture.

Oracle As A Company

Companies have a duty of care to staff members, customers, and the planet. In general, as a company, Oracle has a pretty good reputation which appears to offer many benefits to employees and the planet. 

Happy Employees

Most employees, both new and old, report that Oracle has a good company culture and people enjoy working for them. A good company culture is crucial for a staff member’s well-being and Oracle offers a good work-life balance and a lot of opportunities to grow and learn.


Oracle is actively working to become a more environmentally-friendly company. With goals of using 100% renewable energy by 2025 and net zero emissions by 2050, it’s safe to say that Oracle takes sustainability seriously. In their recent efforts, they have managed to recycle 99.9% of retired hardware in the financial year of 2022. 


Oracle states that “diverse perspectives make our ideas better” and report that they’ve created a working environment that supports everyone and allows them to “do their best work without barriers”.

They offer employee resource groups to celebrate diversification and educate staff members. Their blog also appears to elevate the voices of people from various backgrounds and cultures, whilst stressing the importance of sparking change. 

All in all, Oracle’s services and Oracle as a company offer many benefits in a range of forms. Their services are highly secure, and efficient, and allow customers to easily operate them and upgrade through services as they need. The company also offers great benefits to the planet and employees in the form of sustainability and good company culture. 

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