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Understanding DevOps: Use cases and benefits

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DevOps is all about how to remove the historical barriers between siloed teams, operations, and development.

It involves following a collaborative approach in organizations that develop software to solve problems. The technical community created with the help of DevOps allows businesses to reduce the amount of time taken to carry out operations.

There is a focus on fast delivery, integration, and smooth management in organizations that adopt DevOps.

Furthermore, DevOps techniques optimize business operations and maximize productivity. Let’s have a more in-depth look at understanding DevOps and its benefits.

1) Application in the automotive and airline industries

Implementation of DevOps helps in benefiting the automotive and airline industries. It assists manufacturers in these industries to keep an eye out for errors during the production phase.

Today, some cars have more than 300 million lines of code, and it can be a challenge to track down bugs and roll out updates. DevOps can be a life-saver in such scenarios.

For example, DevOps is used intensively today at Jaguar Land Rover, where the engineers and  infrastructure team members have automated the build process. Doing so, reduces the time to get feedback on new features to just 30 minutes instead of four to six weeks.

On the other hand, United Airlines has saved $500,000 by switching to continuous testing standards with the help of DevOps. Today, United uses a centralized dashboard instead of multiple spreadsheets to manage and track releases along with engagement levels.

Even if you’re not in the automotive or airlines industries, RTS Labs DevOps consulting can help guide you on how to succeed with your DevOps implementation.

2) Rapid development of software

A key feature of DevOps is that it helps in the fast development and deployment of software. This is achieved with DevOps tools that help address bugs, address quality control issues, and install updates quickly.

The 2021 Accelerate State of DevOps Report shows that a secure software supply chain needs to be integrated at every stage of the software development lifecycle.

The report talks about five performance metrics that play a role- change failure rate, lead time, deployment frequency, mean-time-to-restore, and availability.

The report also highlights that elite performers were continually able to demonstrate organizational success with DevOps compared to low performers.

3) Reduction in operational costs and time

With DevOps’ help, companies can drastically reduce operational costs and time sofware such as Oxeye helps acheive this.

Both time and costs of any software project are directly proportional to one another. Therefore, with a decrease in time taken for tasks, the cost also comes down. 

While focusing on reducing operational time, keeping track of lead time is essential. With the help of lead time, you can measure the total amount of time taken for new code and features to be integrated into a production environment.

Minimizing the mean time to restore (MTTR) is essential to gain the trust of your customers even during times of outages. Keeping a close check on these metrics with the help of business analytics can help increase operational efficiency.

4) Enhancement in teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork plays a crucial role in any organization to ensure that they meet their business objectives. Complex tasks are often broken down into simpler ones that individuals or departments within the company work on.

Keeping this in mind, transparency is essential for completing tasks successfully while meeting deadlines. The successful integration of DevOps in a company’s DNA can ensure that organizations achieve their business objectives while ensuring complete employee collaboration. 

DevOps fosters a collaborative environment where sharing responsibilities and learning helps build integrity amongst team members across departments.

Continuous inter-department collaboration between different teams helps improve communication within the organization. 

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