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Tracking Your Transport Vehicles: 4 High-tech Ideas for Businesses

If you run a business that relies on company vehicles to provide services or deliver products to customers, you will want to ensure that your drivers are kept safe on the job and that they are behaving responsibly while representing your company. There are a few ways you can track your drivers to keep them safe and honest.

First, you can install dash cams. These will act as a deterrent for reckless driving and evidence of innocence if your driver is accused of wrongdoing. Moreover, use GPS and black box data to exonerate drivers and keep them honest. You can also use CCTV footage, but this is not as reliable as the other options.

1. Dash Cams

One of the best ways to keep an eye on your drivers and ensure they are keeping themselves and other road users safe is to install dash cams in all of your company vehicles. If you want to purchase fleet dash cams with GPS tracking, you should look at, where you will find high-tech live-streaming cameras that can improve the safety of your drivers on the job. These cameras can be used to exonerate drivers when they are involved in an accident and need proof of innocence.

Moreover, a dash cam will keep your drivers honest, sensible, and responsible on the road, as they know that these cameras can be used to prove their liability, as well as their innocence in the event of an incident on the road. This is a great way to keep everyone safe and performing to the best of their ability.

2. Simple GPS Trackers

If you are looking for a simpler way to track your vehicles and do not necessarily need the camera aspect, you can purchase simple GPS trackers instead. These trackers work in a similar way to how your smartphone connects to the internet, and they log data that can be sent straight to your phone, so you can see what your drivers are doing and enhance your GPS fleet.

If you want to know where your vehicles are right now, you can use the GPS tracking real-time feature and watch them move along a map live. If you have to check where the vehicles traveled in a day, you can use the GPS logging history feature to see where your vehicles have been and when. 

You can also check how many miles your vehicles have traveled during the week or month with the GPS logging distance feature, and see if the vehicles were driven at excessive speeds with the GPS logging speed feature. This is a great way to keep drivers accountable and responsible.

3. Black Boxes

Yet another option for tracking your company’s fleet of vehicles efficiently is to install black boxes in all company vehicles. Generally, these days, most US vehicles are already equipped with black box technology, but if your vehicles are not, it is recommended that you install them. A black box will record every maneuver, every button pressed, and every decision made by a driver while operating a vehicle. This information can be used in a court of law to prove a driver’s innocence or guilt.

Your drivers must be informed that the black box is active in the vehicle and that they are responsible for the decisions they make on the road. This is the surest way to keep drivers safe, responsible and reliable.


Finally, if one of your drivers is caught in a situation where they are accused of negligent driving or their vehicle has been damaged, and you are not sure how you can rely on CCTV footage when it is available. This is significantly less reliable as a tracking method than placing a camera, GPS, or a black box inside the vehicle, as you cannot always rely on CCTV cameras to be present at the moment when you need them.

Placing CCTV cameras around your business property is a great way to ensure that drivers are careful, at least while on the premises and that other road users who accuse them of recklessness can be provided with evidence to the contrary. However, as it has been noted, this method only goes so far, and an in-car tracker will be a much better deterrent for reckless driving, as well as a better source of evidence in court.

This has been a list of 4 suggestions for ways to track your company vehicles to prevent reckless or negligent driving and prove the innocence of your drivers in the event of an accident caused by another road user. We have suggested that you install dashcams in all of your company vehicles, as well as GPS trackers and black boxes if they are not already present.

These precautions will hold your drivers accountable, keep them honest, and act as evidence if you need to prove your driver’s innocence in court. You can also use CCTV footage to track drivers, but this is less reliable.

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