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The Top Reasons People Succeed in the Coding Industry

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Coding is a lucrative career. That is why so many people want to become coders. Most don’t succeed because they lack the skills or the motivation.

Successful coders do the things most don’t have the patience or skills to do. It takes hard work and a hefty dose of smarts to succeed in this field which is not for the weak of heart and isn’t for quitters.

What Skills Make People Succeed in the Coding Industry?

Platform / Language Agnostic

You might have heard of the term platform/language agnostic.

It first began being used by software developers in the late nineties and since then it has been widely used and made its mark in the software development world.

The idea was to develop a platform, or a language, that could be used for cross-platform development. This will enable the user to create software that can be easily deployed to various platforms or languages.

Understanding the User

Every good website is built on a solid understanding of its users.

Whether you are creating an app, mobile site, or full-blown web application, without an understanding of how your user will be interacting with this technology, chances are you won’t have success.

Understanding something as complex as a human being can prove to be quite challenging. We spend our whole lives learning about others through trial and error. 

You may think you know someone, but even when you spend the majority of your life with someone, you likely still don’t fully understand them.

No magic will suddenly give you crystal clear insight into people’s minds and behaviors. However, in the coding industry, it is important to have empathy for the user.

A Sharp Memory

If you want to succeed in the coding industry, one of the core ingredients is a sharp memory. Many people in this field are very smart and often they are some of the brightest people. However, without a keen and active memory, people would not be able to do half the things they do during their everyday coding schedule.

Coders come across a lot of technical things like barnumber function and different programs like JavaScript, HTML, C, and C++. A good amount of brainpower is required to process all these and come out to do a good job. A sharp memory can be a key factor in whether you succeed in the coding industry or not.


Curiosity allows you to explore the ins and outs of a particular problem. Every programmer needs this quality if they want to succeed in the coding industry. There are so many solutions to any problem, not all of which can be known by a single person.

Being curious allows you to find out more about the problems around you and to try out different solutions before arriving at the right one.


Being positive

It is normal to be positive and brimming with hope when one begins a new career path. But staying positive through thick and thin is the challenge. Coding like any other career has its ups and downs. Some days are good, some days will test you.

Being positive and staying that way is one of the biggest factors in reaching your goals. As such, staying positive will help you become a successful coder if you’ve just started out or even have years of experience under your belt.

Self-Motivation and Independence

If you are looking to succeed in the coding industry, you need to be self-motivated and independent. There will be times where you feel like giving up and just want someone to come along and tell you what to do.

But that will never happen because coding isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Coding is a skill that will take time, patience, and self-discipline to master. Being self-motivated and independent is a must along your journey.


To succeed in the coding industry you need to have perseverance. In reality, you will find that the people who make it to the top are those that never give up and fight through their failures.

They will always examine what went wrong and then figure out a way to overcome it. When you have enough passion and drive to tackle a project, you will always look for a way around any problem.

There are many reasons why people come to excel in the coding industry and a lot of them have to do with mostly self-determination and passion than anything else.

You first need to have an interest and passion for coding. Without having interest, you will most likely not be a success because the extra push to match on in testing times, will be missing.

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