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5 Tips To Consider When Talking To Multiple Recruiters

Nothing is more frustrating than having your resume submitted twice by multiple recruiters you’re talking with and losing out on a job. As technical recruiters ourselves we see this often. Here are a few ways to avoid this.

When talking to multiple recruiters make sure you’re keeping accurate records, require consent to have your resume submitted, avoid the double submittal, sign a candidate agreement if asked. Don’t submit your to a company and a recruiter at the same time. 

Keep an accurate record

When talking to multiple recruiters, make sure the recruiter tells you about the company your resume is being submitted to.

Including information such as the company name, title of the job, description of the job, location of the job, the date the IT recruiter said they were submitting your resume as well as the pay rate of the position.

Require consent to have your resume submitted

Always make sure a technical recruiter asks you before submitting your resume to one of their clients.

Some bad recruiters will submit your resume to a company without your knowledge and when a good IT recruiter calls you about the same position and submits you a double submittal occurs causing problems for you.

It is also important to keep a list of the companies you have applied to through technical recruiters and on your own.

Avoid the double submittal

Never knowingly let your resume be submitted by two different recruiters from multiple agencies for a job at the same company. A double submittal will cause problems between yourself, the company, and the two agencies that submitted your resume.

It will not increase your chances of getting the job and will most likely cause you to lose out on the position entirely.

Sign a Candidate Agreement if Asked

Employers working with multiple recruiters don’t want to deal with agencies fighting over who submitted which candidate first and the legal issues that can arise because of it.

If asked to sign a candidate agreement ( right to represent agreement) before being submitted to a company do so.

Many times companies are using multiple temp agencies and engineering recruiters.

This candidate agreement will protect you from other agencies that may try and submit your resume to a company without your knowledge.

This agreement will also protect the agency that is working directly with you from other agencies blindly submitting your resume without your consent or knowing your requirements for accepting positions.

Don’t submit your resume to a company and a recruiter at the same time. 

It’s usually not a good idea to apply for the same job through a company and a staffing agency.

Usually, if you have applied directly to the company’s position they will not consider your resume through a third-party staffing agency. Avoid this and it will save your time and the technical recruiters time.

The best thing to do if you see the same position posted by a company and a few IT staffing agencies is to go through the staffing agency because they will push to get you in the door for an interview and often have direct access to the hiring manager.

Many times if you just apply directly to a company it gets added to a stack of resumes and no one ever even bothers to read it.

Hopefully, if you consider these points when talking with multiple recruiters and minimal issues will occur.

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