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Tech Skills To Become A Remote Worker And Get Hired In 2023

Being a remote worker has become essential to get a new job following the coronavirus outbreak. This is because working during the coronavirus lockdown wasn’t a struggle for remote employees.

During the outbreak, organizations have been able to move forward thanks to remote workers.

The demand for remote tech talent has increased since the coronavirus pandemic started. They have become very valuable as they help companies not only to survive but also to remain competitive. 

If you’re currently unemployed or you’re looking to find a new job, these tech skills will help you to get hired. They’ll allow you not only to become an attractive employee but also to work from home. As isolation won’t be a barrier, you’ll meet employers’ demands.


Having a digital presence has become crucial for companies to attract and retain customers. Nowadays, most users are concerned about the features a website can provide. In fact, they care about how a website looks like as well as what they can do in it.

HTML allows web developers to design and implement email features on websites. As a result, customers can interact with digital sales representatives or customer service to solve any issue.

Email is becoming an essential tool for digital marketing, and for that reason, companies need it to increase their sales.

On the other hand, learning HTML allows you to better understand the web. So, if you are looking to become a web developer, it is a must-have skill. It can help you to design better websites by using landing pages and many other related functions.

You should consider learning HTML because it makes it easier to start a career in web development.

In 2020, web developers are in demand, and according to Indeed, a web developer earns, on average, $78,000 per year in the US. So, you’ll be able not only to work from home but also to have an impressive salary.

Springboard offers a software engineering prep online course that allows you to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in only six weeks.

As you can learn remotely, it is a good option during isolation. The course is self-paced, so you can create a flexible schedule that fits your needs. 


JavaScript is becoming indispensable not only to become a remote worker but also to create interactive websites.

Using JavaScript frameworks, web developers can focus on the website’s functionality rather than its appearance. Transitions, animations, and interactiveness are what makes users feel engaged. So, organizations can increase their web traffic with the help of JavaScript developers.

At the same time, JavaScript allows developers to build not only dynamic websites but also mobile apps. Smartphones have become indispensable for people, and they are now more concerned about how an app performs.

Big companies like Apple and Google have included JavaScript into their mobile dev toolkits so they can extend their developer base.

As data is becoming more valuable as days pass, the need for server-side apps is increasing. Server-side apps allow organizations not only to gather information but also to organize and analyze it. Web developers can build server-side apps by using Node.JS.

Learning JavaScript will help you to stand out from the competition. As you’ll be able to build client-side and server-side apps, most employers will want you on their team. Learning JavaScript is as easy as enrolling in Thinkful’s online bootcamp.

The company offers a software engineering flex course that covers full stack programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and React. During the program, you’ll have a team of industry-experienced professionals that will help you achieve your goal.

At Thinkful, you’ll learn the right skills not only to find a new job in 2020 but also to join the world’s next workforce.


Python is another programming language that has become very popular lately. This is because Python allows developers to interpret, analyze, and visualize data very efficiently.

Data scientists love Python because it makes their work much easier. For example, they can build programs using machine learning algorithms to spend less time analyzing and interpreting information.

Data scientists are responsible for creating insights to help organizations stay relevant. As they can use Python to implement machine learning algorithms in their programs, they can create better insights.

As a result, companies are able not only to stay relevant but also to increase their profits and reshape the market. 

If you want to get hired in 2020, you should learn Python coding skills. It will help you to become a remote worker, and you’ll have the right tool to catch employers’ attention. Lambda School offers a data science program that covers in-demand programming languages like SQL and Python.

During the program, you’ll learn data visualization, machine learning, and statistics skills that will help you succeed in your new career.

Lambda School allows you to take the entire course for free. You’ll pay a percentage of your salary only if you land a job with a +$50,000 salary. Payments will have to be done for only two years.


Java is a programming language that has been widely used by mobile developers. For example, Android developers use Java to build native and cross-platform apps as it works well for both types of apps.

Additionally, Java is the right tool for beginners as it provides many libraries that can help you during projects.

Also, Java can be used for web development. So, whether you want to become a web developer or a mobile developer, it’ll still be useful to have it in your skillset. As Java developers are gaining more ground, more employers are looking for candidates with Java skills.

If you want to get a new position during Covid-19, having Java programming skills might help you to convince employers. If you’re short on money taking out student loans may be the path forward to get the skills you desire.


In general, these tech skills will allow you to have better job opportunities. You will be able to have a better salary and benefits. Working during isolation won’t be a struggle, and getting a job is something you can almost take for granted.

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