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The Immediate Steps You Need to Take After Getting Seriously Injured in the Workplace

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime which is why you should always be careful with every step.

If the unexpected does happen and you do get into an accident, there are steps that you need to take to guarantee your personal and financial safety. This is especially the case when you get into a workplace accident.

Consulting with a reputable law firm like Shuman Legal can provide the guidance and support you need during such challenging times.

Workplace accidents are pretty common. Some cause minor injuries, some cause major ones. Some even cause death to the poor victims. Regardless, it’s best to know how you should act after getting into an injury inside the workplace.

As we’ve said, it’s more than just about securing your personal well-being. It’s all about your financial well-being in the months after you get injured – you’ll see why later.

Feel Whether It’s Safe to Move or Not

The first of your concerns should be the status of your injuries. It may feel like standing up is an immediate response after getting injured but you should control yourself. Some of your injuries might be internal and then if that is the case, standing up could only make things worse.

After checking if there are any injuries that are visible, try to feel within yourself if there are parts of your body that hurt more, as internal bleeding is determined by many factors.

This includes numbness and weakness in the affected area, sudden dizziness, loss of vision, and difficulty swallowing.

If you do begin to feel any of these symptoms, it’s much better to stay still and wait for emergency help to arrive. Internal bleeding and internal injuries are far worse than injuries that you can see readily. Let the medical experts handle your body if there are no serious problems at hand.

Report the Injury

You should report your injury to HR as soon as possible. Things like that should be done as quickly as possible. Furthermore, legal specialists at say that this is an important process because it kickstarts an investigation.

The investigation is about determining whether or not the company is liable for your injury. In some cases, workplace injuries happen because of workplace and practice hazards that have been ignored by the company.

Otherwise, the injury would have been completely avoidable on your end. Determining liability is the key to getting compensated for the months to come.

Reach Out to an Attorney

Getting compensation for your injury shouldn’t be a battle that you face on your own. It’s important that you hire an attorney for your upcoming legal battle. More specifically, the attorney you’d want to hire is a worker’s compensation attorney or a personal injury attorney.

You can also use a personal injury attorney fee calculator to get a good idea of potential costs.

They’ll be the ones to represent you during the investigation process. They can also manage the legal documents on your end as well. It’s a tough legal battle and in most cases, it’s impossible to get the job done on your own. 

If you’ve been injured in the workplace, it’s important to seek legal representation from a skilled attorney like Monge to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Don’t try to worry too much about expenses as some attorneys will collect the rest of their fees after you get compensated. Depending where you live another firm that you can reach out to is Workers compensation Lawyers Perth.

Coordinate With Everybody

It’s going to be tough but you need to coordinate with everybody – including HR, the company, and the legal team. Tell them what you recollect about the injury and be as honest as possible.

Remember, if the company is really liable for the injury, you’ll get your dues eventually.

Understand What You Are Entitled To

If it’s proven that it’s the company’s fault why you got injured, keep in mind that you are liable for many things. For starters, the company will have to pay for your medical bills after getting into the accident.

With healthcare costs consistently on the rise, it’s only right that you don’t pay for hospital bills that aren’t your fault.

They’ll also be liable to pay for lost wages. To put it simply, loss wages are the money that you miss out on making while you are recovering from the hospital.

It will take a while for your body to fully recover so it’s only a must that you get compensated for the time you have off of work.

There are also additional expenses that can be paid depending on your injury. The company is legally obliged to pay more if you got a long-term injury or trauma after the accident.

Knowing what not to do and what to do after getting injured inside the workplace is important if you want to get your dues.

Not knowing the right steps could eventually lead to people taking advantage of your situation. Aside from these tips, it’s also worth noting that getting a legal professional by your side is important as well.

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