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SaaS Marketing Do’s and Don’ts According to the Experts

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions assists businesses with a range of daily activities to make them more efficient and productive. Some well-known examples of cloud-based SaaS are Dropbox, MailChimp, Hubspot, and Slack. 

SaaS is easy to use software application accessible on the Internet from any device. Each employee can be provided with login details so they can use the software from anywhere at any time.

Many SaaS applications are specialized to assist with various areas of a business, especially marketing , sales and a email finder, discover and check valid email the accuracy and relevance of potential leads on an email address to ensure emails don’t bounce or are ignored. To enhance this functionality, consider using an email finder extension for LinkedIn, which helps gather verified contact information directly from professional profiles.

Some examples of SaaS solutions used by businesses include:

  • Customer relationship management software; used to develop and manage sales leads by using tools such as bulk emails and analytics.
  • Email finder; discover and check the accuracy and relevance of potential leads on an email address to ensure emails don’t bounce or are ignored.
  • SEO tools which allow you to find the relevant keywords to include in web content so that it ranks well on search engines
  • Affiliate management software to connect and track the performance of other websites promoting a business’s products or services
  • Social media manager; automate the scheduling of posts and adverts over a range of social media platforms

There are many SaaS applications for businesses to choose from so it is important for companies providing them to focus their marketing efforts carefully. Below is a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to marketing SaaS.

How to Market SaaS

Focus on Content

Content marketing continues to be a huge part of getting the word out about a product or service. Although there are countless articles, images, and posts out there, the aim of promoting a SaaS company using content is to create a message that cuts through the noise and targets the right customers with relevant information.

Content should nurture leads by providing interesting, useful, and relevant content which can eventually lead to a sale. 

Offer a Tour and Free Trial 

One of the most powerful tools for marketing a SaaS, often unutilized by companies, is a tour and free trial of the application. Marketing managers should create an acquisition plan for free trials and a clear process of how the leads will be closed. The process of signing up for a free trial should be easy and without any pain points.

Businesses providing SaaS tools should aim to get as many free trial signups as possible to improve their chances of a high conversion rate. Video tours of the software can help potential customers to make the decision to take a free trial.

Highlight Pain Points 

Most people make purchases based on emotions, therefore it is a good idea to focus on the pain points of current solutions. These may be the time-consuming or irritating tasks that your SaaS tools get rid of or make more efficient. 

People often search for solutions to their problems rather than products and their features, so basing your marketing content around pain points and how your SaaS solutions will solve them can help drive traffic to your point of sale. 

How Not to Market Saas

Don’t Forget To Use Social Proof

Word of mouth is possibly the most valuable form of marketing as it comes with social evidence as people are likely to trust the recommendation from someone who already used a service. 

Therefore, referrals, reviews, and testimonials are powerful tools that should be easy to find on a SaaS company website and social media platforms. 

SaaS applications with lots of positive social proof are likely to have higher conversion rates and pick up new customers regularly.

Don’t Clutter Conversion Pages

Webpages focusing on converting sales leads are very important and many businesses try to cram as much information as they can on a page. However, this is often ineffective as potential customers may become bored, confused, or distracted from the SaaS the page should be promoting. 

When creating conversion pages for SaaS such as free trial pages, features pages, and landing pages it is recommended to make them easy to read and follow. This will help to highlight the key message of a page and the features of a SaaS.  

Don’t Be Robotic

Automating every aspect of marketing and SaaS can be easy, however, the human touch is still needed when creating content and interacting with existing and prospective clients. 

Automation is great at improving efficiency and productivity, however, real people with personalities and unique problem-solving skills can help to improve the chance of closing a sale. 

Marketing SaaS applications to other businesses can be a challenge in a crowded industry. There are many things to consider including some things to do like focusing on content marketing and pain points, and other things to avoid such as cluttering conversion pages and using robotic messaging.  

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