Finding top talent is the only way to keep the business moving forward. As we’re currently going through the Great Resignation, both retaining and finding new talent is becoming more challenging. In order to support recruiters through these challenging times, the LinkedIn lead generation process has been enhanced, making it more accessible to engage both active job seekers and passive candidates.

Luckily there are plenty of options to consider when finding the best candidates out there. LinkedIn is a helpful platform because it’s rich with millions of users interested in finding work. Additionally, it comes with features equipped to help recruiters find the top industry talent.

If you’re looking for effective ways to find the best candidates for your company, you’re in the right place. This guide will take you through all the best options to help you achieve your goal quickly.

1. Equip yourself with the right tools

The foundational step is to equip yourself with the right tools right from the start. Consider using LinkedIn tools that will help you streamline your search. Using different software solutions will help you automate particular processes.

However, don’t forget to store your candidate details in an appropriate way. That’s where a recruitment CRM tool is necessary. It’s especially important if the company is expanding and you’re on the lookout for a higher number of employees. 

Tracking all these things becomes hard quickly. You need to track the current communication with different candidates easily.

2. Use all the filter’s features

LinkedIn’s search functionality is what makes the platform extremely effective. You can filter your searches and get access to the best talent by setting up a couple of things. What are the most useful options to consider?

These search options allow you to handpick candidates that perfectly fit your business needs. If you’re looking for a specific role that you need in the office, you can focus on people in a particular location. On the other hand, if you need people who can work remotely, you can broaden the search and focus on other filter options for the best results.

Furthermore, each section has advanced settings, allowing you to specify search even further. You can search for people who currently work for a certain company or who used to work for that company. These settings allow recruiters to find the top talent in the right place at the right time.

3. LinkedIn Referrals

One of the places where many recruiters find the best candidates is the referrals. These are the first-degree contacts of your employees. This feature is an excellent approach to discovering more talent already familiar with your employees.

That’s a great way to add people to the team who they already trust. Talk to your team members who know a particular individual and check whether they’re a good candidate for a specific role. You can learn more about a potential candidate firsthand and check whether you should reach out to them.

To make the most out of the feature, create a referral reward system for your employees. An incentive will engage them in the process, which will help you find the top talent. The rewards can be a salary bonus, more vacation days, or other perks that would be suitable for your team members.

4. Advertise your business on LinkedIn

lawyer working on laptop

Creating a business profile on social media is a great way to tell stories about your brand. While you can do that on any platform, LinkedIn is the best place to get noticed and attract talent to your brand. You can follow a couple of different practices.

Taking these steps will allow those who land on your profile to learn more about your company but from a different perspective. Besides advertising the quality of your services, it’s essential to promote the culture inside your business.

5. Post job openings and promote them

You can create job posts on LinkedIn for free and share them with your followers. After including details about the working position, your job post will appear in searches of all the potential applicants.

Additionally, you can take more action and get people to notice your job opening. There’s an option to promote your LinkedIn job post. Like running any PPC campaign, you can set a daily budget and advertise to more people.

Even though the free approach will get plenty of applicants to your job opening, you’ll reach significantly more people by promoting the job.

Concluding thoughts

Even though the job market is highly competitive with companies seeking top employees, using the above methods will help you find the best candidate. LinkedIn comes equipped with beneficial features that will simplify the whole process.

Use the social media network to promote your business, tell its story and find new talents. Carefully explore everything that search filters can do. They’ll allow you to fine-tune your searches and find the perfect candidates for your new positions.

If you’re planning to hire a remote employee, see what other business owners did to make the right picks for their businesses. Their tips will ensure that you hire the right person that will stay with your company for a long time.

About the author 

Stefan Smulders is a SaaS entrepreneur and a founder of the world’s safest software for LinkedIn automation – / He’s enjoying his family life in the Netherlands being a proud father of a lovely 4-year old son Steef.