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5 Reasons Why You Need A Modern Intranet Software Platform

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With digitalization, workspaces and working styles have evolved significantly. It is reported that 60% of people feel at their productive best when at work. This makes it important to keep the workplace collaborative and engaging. The intranet is not new, and neither is it outdated by any means. 

Many platforms offer convenience and customization that are exclusive to a team’s needs.

Whether you are looking to reward employees for their hard work in real-time or want to automate productivity, today’s platforms are versatile beyond comprehension. We discuss the top five benefits of using a modern intranet software platform

Benefits Of Modern Intranet Software Platforms

  1. Better employee engagement: Uninterested or disengaged employees are a matter of constant worry for many HRs. Many employees feel disconnected from their teams and organizations. The communications are often work-related.

    Employees may often feel involved in limitations in finding their way around the organization, forming relationships, and getting constructive feedback, assistance, and answers. Moreover, even developing skills may seem difficult, as oftentimes employees find themselves lost.

    While these may seem like a long list of issues, a simple intranet platform can help resolve these issues strategically by connecting employees in horizontal and vertical hierarchies. Moreover, the platform brings mentoring, feedback and recognition, collaboration, networking, communications, HR services, and other company-wide networks closer.
  2. Blends seamlessly: While your teams are busy answering emails, completing their to-do lists, and attending meetings, delivering information they respond to and remember seems tricky. An intranet platform delivers information and notifies when someone hasn’t seen it.

    These notifications are often hard to miss and compact, drawing attention instantly. Moreover, the announcement is often placed on the home page, where they are bound to see it. These notifications are visible on both mobile and desktop set-ups.

    This is more effective and efficient than sending bulk emails, static intranet posts, and newsletters. It encourages cross-communication as well, where employees can give their acknowledgment, ask questions, or even add events or announcements to their calendars. 
  1. Connect with HR and IT team in no time: Oftentimes, HR and IT teams spend their days resolving queries and addressing grievances. Without a streamlined process, ]it can get difficult to get back to everyone. In a workspace that is rapidly growing, it can be a challenge.

    As many IT and HR specialists will be spending time answering questions one-on-one, there’s a possibility that most of these questions might be of the same nature, resulting in wasted time and resources. An intranet platform can help by putting all information, frequently asked questions, documentation, and SOPs in one place.

    Employees can refer to these documents in case of a query to get answers. This, in turn, saves time and resources that can be spent on welfare and developing employee-friendly policies. 
  1. Ensures everything is available on record: Corporate memory is often filled with meetings, emails that are to be responded to, forums, and project deadlines. This results in employees often forgetting about important announcements and news.

    To avoid this, intranet platforms can be customized to act as a living library where information can be updated and stored. Furthermore, an interactive intranet also allows for ideas to be documented, storing collective knowledge that is searchable, visible, and can be utilized as needed.  
  1. Effortless collaboration: Important emails have a tendency to get buried under piles of other emails and newsletters. Updating all project-related information on the intranet platform ensures everything is one click away.

    Moreover, teams can add their research documents, data, findings, and resources to these platforms. Having all resources and information collected in one place makes conversations centralized and easy to follow. Integrations with Google Drive, Office 365, etc., further simplify the process.

Parting Words

An interactive intranet can help bridge the gap between employees and the organization by connecting them with what’s happening and what’s new. These platforms are easy to set up and use. With the right customization, these platforms can be made to fit the need for a modern intranet software platform. 

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