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6 Questions To Get To Know the Real Estate Agent That You’re Recruiting

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The interview phase is arguably the most crucial in recruitment. At this point in the process, you’re trying to get to know the real estate agent as well as possible. This is to see not only if they’re a good fit for the job, but also a good fit in your brokerage.

Fortunately, you can make the interview process a little easier by having a script ready. It can help keep you on-track, as well as facilitate meaningful conversations with the candidate.

You can read the real estate recruiting scripts guide if you need a bit of help in creating your template. Meanwhile, below are a few questions that can get the ball rolling in the interview:

How Do You Manage Your Time as a Real Estate Agent?

For newly licensed real estate agents, this is probably not as important although you can still ask time-management related questions. However, for more experienced candidates, knowing how organized they are can tell you a lot about how they’ll handle their tasks in the future.

Try to create a hypothetical scenario, say multiple showings in one day along with a contract signing. You can also add routine tasks like filing documents, creating and sending email campaigns, as well as updating the client database.

Then, ask the candidate how they’re able to schedule everything into their work hours.

Keep in mind that there isn’t a “correct” answer to this question. The most important thing is to take note of how they block out their time for enhanced efficiency and maximum productivity.

What Is Your Opinion on Social Media? How Do You Use It Effectively to Sell Properties?

Nowadays, social media is the platform of choice for many real estate agents for selling both residential and commercial properties. After all, millions of people—who can be potential buyers—use social media every day.

The problem is that not all real estate agents are able to make the best use of these websites or apps. They may not be familiar with the native analytics tools, or even the best practices for creating engaging content. Some real estate agents may even dismiss social media as ineffective!

By asking these questions, you can get an idea about the candidate’s approach to digital. You can even gauge their willingness to learn new things, as well as their enthusiasm about using tech and digital solutions. Their creativity can also shine through, especially with regards to selling to a younger market through social media.

How Do You Deal With Difficult Clients?

Every real estate agent dreads the so-called “clients from hell.” However, they can’t be avoided forever. There will come a time when even the most patient of agents will meet a particularly difficult buyer or seller. What will set the good ones apart is the way they handle these situations.

Like the time management question, the best way to approach this is to create a hypothetical scenario. Describe the imaginary client’s attitude—are they perhaps asking for a higher price than what was appraised? If you’ve had previous experiences with difficult clients yourself, try relating your story and then ask what the candidate would have done differently.

What Part of Being a Real Estate Agent Do You Like the Least?

A common question during real estate agent interviews is some variation of “What is your favorite part of working in real estate?” This is certainly not a bad question, but the answers can get pretty formulaic.

To keep candidates on their toes, ask them about what they don’t like. This type of question can yield more honest answers, as well as reveal their personality and how they deal with obstacles. For example, the candidate may say that they don’t like tackling the tons of paperwork that being a real estate agent entails.

However, because it’s part and parcel of the job, they may have found creative ways to deal with the documentation and administrative tasks.

How Do You Ensure That Your Clients’ Needs Are Always Met?

Different clients have different needs. They also have different personalities. Some clients may need a little more hand-holding, while some might be a little more headstrong. A good real estate agent is able to meet these varying requirements without too much of a problem. Indeed, even if they find it challenging, they’re able to rise above the difficulties.

Ask about the candidate’s processes and how they’re able to personalize the service they give to their clients. If you want, you can even ask them for the best feedback they’ve ever received.

What Makes You a Good Real Estate Agent?

Of course, during the course of the interview, it’s important to give the candidates an opportunity to sell themselves. This is the best time to have an open floor, so to speak. Let the real estate agent talk freely and talk up their qualifications.

Take note of the things they highlight, since these can indicate their values and what they think are their personal strengths.

An important thing to remember is to not interrupt the candidate. If you have any questions, write them down and ask them afterwards.

With these guide questions, we hope you can find the best real estate agents for your brokerage.

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