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How to Protect Your Windows Computer from Spies and Hacks

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How to secure a computer from malware, hackers, and spies is first to understand what malware actually is. Malware is highly connected to malicious acts done by hackers and other parties who want to steal your data.

By seeing the technical definition, malware is a tool or weapon for hackers to attack a system (either network or computer). It is designed and created specifically by hackers to attack a predetermined target (not random).

Remember, it only works against systems that have particular vulnerabilities. So to be safe from hackers and spies, the system we have must be free from disabilities.

There is always an operational target for every malware spread, and there is also malware specifically designed to spread using social engineering techniques. The main reason for this is that the method is considered more effective and powerful to attack systems with better security by exploiting the human aspect.

Malware has many types and functions, depending on how hackers create and target it. They could steal, destroy, or simply hack your cam to spy on you. 

How to Protect Yourself from Spies

It’s always better to prepare than sorry. If the worst thing hasn’t had happened to you, you can engage in a more proactive way to protect your system. Here’s what you can do:

Understand How Malware spreads and Attacks

To win the battle, the basic thing you need to know is what the enemy is capable of. Similarly, suppose you want to avoid malware from infecting your computer.

In that case, you should at least understand what type of malware is available, how it is spread, and the techniques used by the malware maker (hacker) to spread the malware they created.

Don’t Easily Click Everything.

Sometimes, you might notice links starting to pop up randomly in direct messages, emails, or personal texts. Although they seem interesting first (like a collaboration or project invitation), you should always raise an eyebrow.

Not every link is genuine. So before clicking anything, make sure to check the sender first and ensure that they’re a legitimate contact. Also make sure and run a VPN at all times.

Although it seems easy, many people fall into this trap. Since the letter is too hard to miss, then click the link right away without checking anything beforehand.

Well, you might know what the result came up after that. They woke up to their balance in bank account stolen, hacked social media account, and many other unfortunates. 

Protect Yourself When Browsing Online

As a modern society, browsing is too familiar to us. All things can be accessed online, and that’s interesting. Although it seems fun and game, you need to remember that danger is always lurking in the corner. So, protecting yourself from harm is definitely mandatory.

For the initial step, you can start using a VPN service. Not only keeping your data private, by using VPN you keep your Windows safe and secured from malicious harm. But, be sure to install always the credible and notable ones.

A small fee of charge won’t hurt a bit as long as you can get the best protection at all times.

Be Always Wary of Phishing

Although it has been known for a long, Phishing is still commonly used even today. It is still one of the most effective methods done by hackers to get into someone’s personal accounts.

The hackers are playing with the victim’s mind, creating something that looks legitimate and real, although it clearly isn’t.

An example of this is a login page for wifi access in public places. People who are desperately looking for a stable internet connection are easy targets. When they try to log in, they must enter an email. And seconds after that, everything could be stolen in an instant. 

This terrifying malware is still spreading around us. So before actually inputting anything (especially vital information), be sure to check the page twice.

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Install An Antivirus and Update Regularly

It’s always better to at least have an antivirus for your computer. It doesn’t matter what it is; as long as it’s known to work properly, it’s a green sign. Never put more than one antivirus. You won’t get double protected, but more problems instead.

Doing a regular update is mandatory to keep the data informed about the new viruses and malware, with ways to prevent them. 

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