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Is it a Good Choice to Outsource React Native Development to a Contractor?

React Native development makes it possible to launch projects simultaneously on IOS and Android. It is an open-source framework. Now it is profitable and fast to develop apps on it. What are its advantages?


React Native does not have the problems typical of other cross-platform frameworks because of native APIs. Instead, hybrid apps mimic the browser version. Furthermore, with RN, your users will have a good experience with the interface – everything moves smoothly and quickly and is responsive to interaction. 

Libraries and component sets

React Native already has a large enough community to have developed a solution to most problems. There are various ready modules for working with animation, text, and image content.

There are also modules for keyboard input, list scrolling, progress bars, etc. This is enough for the correct operation of simple apps. React native development company uses other valuable tools as well.

TypeScript and Fast Refresh

Static typing reduces bugs and makes it easier to maintain the project. Code templating for apps is an advantage, not a disadvantage, as in the case. The second feature is needed to speed up the app. The code is instantly updated as soon as changes are made to it, saving state.


Your project no longer has to look like standard iOS and Android. Instead, the libraries have declarative components (Picker, Button, Slider, Switch, etc.) to customize the appearance of blocks, and programmers can also write personalized modules for your non-standard functionality.

Experienced developers can make a working and profitable project out of your idea using React Native, and open-source documentation will help them do it. It’s a straightforward and convenient framework for anyone familiar with JS and Reacts.

Why should you choose a contractor for your project?

Developers are in the business of building projects for businesses. They launch different projects regularly. If you have an idea that requires a personalized and out-of-the-box approach and a desire to get quality results quickly, then you need professionals who know how to take advantage of React Native properly. 

They will bring their experience, enthusiasm, and all the knowledge, and skills to your project to create a functional, productive, and beautiful project that solves the problems of your business and its customers. 

What does the cost of development depend on

The cost of React Native development is, on average, 30% lower than creating separate projects for iOS and Android but a little more than that of other hybrid frameworks. The cost depends on the complexity of the task and is confirmed before the start of the work after drawing up the terms of reference. 

A large team of back-end, testers, UI/UX designers, and other specialists will work. The project implementation price is determined by how much time they will need to launch the project, which can only be calculated after the analysis. 

How to choose a contractor for react native development

To draw an image of the ideal contractor for react native development, it is necessary to understand the cost. Many factors influence it. Here are the main ones:

  • Who does: which studio;
  • What does: typical solution or development from scratch;
  • How does it work: stages of labor.

Who does: which studio

There are many different companies in the react native development market. There are large studios with around 200 employees and small teams of 8-10 people. Some specialize in react native development for medicine and insurance, and some specialize in cab and restaurant. But the main criterion for choosing a studio is the clients it works with. Location, staff, specialization, and prices all depend directly on this.

Large companies are more comfortable working with large studios: they have similar business processes, pace, and approaches to work. On the other hand, small and medium-sized businesses are more comfortable doing projects with small and medium-sized studios. 

What does: a generic solution or a app from scratch

A contractor who’s new to the market may be able to adapt a generic solution for you. But writing a project from scratch and solving non-standard problems is usually a job for professionals from a severe company.

Typical solution

There are standard solutions for many everyday tasks. For example, if you need an app for a beauty salon, hairdresser, or delivery service, there is no sense in making it from scratch. Instead, it’s cheaper and more convenient to take a predesigned template, change the color scheme, fill it with content, add a logo – and you will have your app. 

An app from scratch

Some tasks are so complicated and non-standard that there is no universal template or designer. In this case, a project is developed from scratch:

  • Business analysis is made based on the customer’s data.
  • Requirements specification is prepared.
  • User stories are described.
  • Prototypes are made.

A generic solution doesn’t mean simple. Typical means assembled from ready modules. Therefore react native development will take less time. The cost of a generic solution is usually lower than that of an app from scratch, but not everything is unambiguous. Different factors affect the price of a solution, such as functionality.

If you need to create a project from scratch with no analogs, contact a studio that has already done similar projects and is well-established in the market. They will do you a service, considering your previous experience and avoiding previous mistakes. Moreover, it will be of higher quality, faster and cheaper.

How to do it: the stages of work

The more non-standard the project is, the more complicated it is, the more stages it includes, and the more expensive such an app will be. The work on a project includes the following stages:

  • Engineering and design;
  • Development;
  • Commissioning;
  • Warranty support and development.

Sometimes you can painlessly exclude some of the stages – to launch the service faster and spend less on it. And sometimes, it is better not to do this – if you do not want to receive negative feedback from users from the series “nothing works after the update,” and constantly invest in the app.

To understand which stages can be excluded in your case, and if it is possible at all, consult with the analyst, designer, and studio designer. They can tell you how to structure your work and which steps it will include and give you an estimate for the project.

If you need to create a project with complex functionality, dividing the main stages into smaller ones is more convenient. This allows you to work quickly and productively according to the “implement one function – check if it is working – fix it – move on”.

What to look for when selecting a contractor

Evaluate the react-native development studio according to the following criteria. This will allow you to protect yourself against a dishonest contractor, not waste money, and not get a raw product.

Availability of similar projects

If the studio has already made a similar app, its specialists know all the pitfalls and understand how to optimize the process. 

Place in the rating/client portfolio

There are several reputable rankings. Suppose a contractor is included in such a rating. In that case, there is a guarantee that you are facing a real pro who knows his business thoroughly and who has experience working with serious customers.

Participation in contests

Large companies regularly hold contests to help them raise their level, keep track of trends, and apply the latest approaches to programming in their work. If the chosen performer has a diploma of participation, he is constantly developing and will offer you the best solution.


The reviews of satisfied customers speak for themselves. But here, you need to be careful: you can write anything you like on your website or portfolio. A letter of recommendation from a client on letterhead paper with a stamp is the best proof.


React Native projects are secure and fast. They are almost indistinguishable from native apps. They open up new possibilities for design customization. Moreover, the process of react native development is quicker and cheaper than on any other framework. So take advantage of modern solutions.

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