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Most In-Demand Jobs In 2021

CNN reports that Covid-19 vaccinations in the United States have increased from about a million doses a day in January to nearly 3 million doses a day in April and that we have almost reached a point where roughly a third of all Americans have received at least a single dose.

With warm weather approaching and such good news concerning building a collective immunity to the virus, the world is starting to open back up, which offers the possibility of a burgeoning job market. 

Regardless, though, of the potential for getting Covid under control (at least to a degree), the trending jobs of 2021 reflect, and will probably continue to do so, Covid’s impact on the employment market.

Health Care Jobs

Andrew Seaman, a Senior Editor at Linkedin News reports that ”there is a strong demand for health-care support roles as we continue to navigate this pandemic, such as home health aids, patient care technicians and medical screeners.”

As coronavirus takes its toll on health workers, the burnout level in the industry has driven positions such as registered nurse and healthcare aide to top lists of trending jobs in the U.S. Demands for workers to help administer the vaccine may also have pushed jobs such as pharmacy techs high up the list of in-demand jobs.

Mental Health Jobs

It comes as no surprise that the stress and fear related to coronavirus as well as the related isolation connected to a year of lockdown have had significant impact on our mental health. A recent survey conducted by Mental Health America showed “alarming increases in reports of depression and anxiety nationwide.

A report released in October 2020 showed that more than 1.5 million people who took a screening at reported signs of anxiety and/or depression.”

This has resulted in an increased demand for mental health specialists such as psychotherapists and mental health technicians to deal with the psychological impacts of the pandemic.

Employers are also looking to behavior therapists, mindfulness experts, and other mental health professionals to offer their employees support in the “new workplace.”

Remote Work-Related Employment

CNBC indicates that remote work jobs have increased nearly 4.5 times over the past year.

Combined with the fact that recent surveys indicate 20% of Americans want to continue remote work even after the pandemic, jobs that cater to developing digital environments are in high demand.

Positions such as user interface designer, software engineering manager, and web developer are all increasingly marketable in 2021.

Diversity-Focused Positions

The economic impact of the virus has been tough on many different businesses in a variety of industries.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the unemployment rate for African-Americans has been 5% higher than for whites and that nearly 40% of Black-owned businesses have closed in comparison to just 17% of their white counterparts.

The result has been a rise in diversity-focused employment. Titles such as Diversity Manager, Diversity Office, Head of Diversity, and Diversity Coordinator have become more common in the workplace as employers seek to understand the mechanism by which racial inequities occur and to find solutions to create greater equality.

Ivan Young is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Faxage, an online fax service.

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