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4 Money-Saving Equipment For Your Small Businesses

The most difficult time for a business owner is starting off. You will need to watch out for many ins and outs, setbacks, blindsides, and pitfalls that await every new business.

There’s a reason why many small businesses fail to thrive and are forced to close their doors.

If you spend too much of the budget on equipment, you may be digging yourself into a hole. Start off smart with your small business equipment. You can always upgrade later on should the business do well. But first, try out these suggestions.

Invest In A Franking Machine

If you operate a business in the United Kingdom centered around mailing packages, this is a must for you. Whether leasing or fully purchasing, your office needs this addition. 

As a small business owner, you might see the wisdom behind renting a medium or high volume machine like the PostBase Vision 7A and PostBase One, at least until the enterprise is more established.

There are a wide array of franking machines for small businesses and as such, one is bound to meet your requirements. A PostBase mini is an affordable low volume option updated with the latest Royal Mail Mailmark rates and will take up very little space on your desk. This also brings along 24/7 postage mailing convenience. Nothing wrong with starting small and working your way up to something better.

8X8 Phone Service For The Win

Crossing the pond into the US, this phone system was voted best in 2020 specifically for small businesses. This VoIP-operated system has gotten recognition for its affordability and reliability.

For the rate of USD $25 monthly, you can have access to a multitude of features essential for the survival of small businesses, unlimited calling, instant messaging, and data storage. 

The mobile app attachment is compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems. Employees will be able to access the business line from their personal smartphones, making it possible to keep in contact when away from the office, send and view updates as they happen, view correspondences like emails and faxes.

No pre-existing knowledge of VoIP technology is required as free training is provided. This is all contingent on having a secure and stable internet connection.   

Get A Top Rated Laptop

laptop on work desk

A computer is a necessity for every serious business owner. Yes, a smartphone can do most, if not all of the tasks of a computer but for more storage capacity, running more complex hardware, getting a larger screen to view information, and many other reasons, go for the laptop instead. 

According to the credible site Techradar, the best laptop of 2021 goes to the Dell XPS 15. This machine’s powerful hardware system and fast performance were outranked by none last year. While the price point will drive you into the thousands of US dollars, pounds, and the Australian dollar, it is worth it.

Considering this, sparing no cost on this essential piece of equipment will in the long run save you a lot of money you would have to spend for upgrading and maintenance of something cheaper and less efficient. If there was ever a moment to splurge, this is it.

For small business that have to do more with less, laptop charging trolleys can be useful. These trolleys keep everything charged and organized, ensuring that all your equipment is ready to go and you never have to worry about losing power while working.

Ductless AC Unit

There are many air conditioning units on the market but none compares to the ductless ac. One reason they come highly recommended is that they utilize a lot less energy for cooling, reducing greatly the cost of the service. This also goes hand in hand with minimizing your carbon footprint.

You can safeguard the environment while still getting exactly what you want. You have the option to install more than one unit but each one will be able to be individually controlled. Adjusting the temperatures or turning them on and off depending on if the space is being used is critical in saving money. 

The installation process is short and requires no major remodeling. Other ac options may come in cheaper but will hum or buzz creating a constant or intermittent noise that can be disruptive to the focus necessary when working. You will definitely appreciate the silent efficiency of this unit. 

When it comes to business, there are certain pieces of equipment you just cannot do without. Franked mail is gaining popularity in the UK so if your business revolves around that yet you do not own this machine, you are selling yourself short.

The phone system is key not just for employers and employees to communicate but also to get feedback from clients. Having a powerfully efficient computer is a no-brainer and depending on where you live, an ac unit is an absolute must. 

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