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How To Keep Your Employees Safe At Work

As an employer, it is your duty to keep your employees safe. Unless you take proactive steps to ensure they are in good health mentally and physically you are failing in your job. Many employers overlook the importance of working to improve employee well-being and as such have low retention rates; nobody is going to want to work for your company if you do not make sure that they are treated well.

In this post, you will learn about how you can keep your employees safe and what you need to do to ensure that they never have accidents under your supervision:

Asset Monitoring

Employee safety isn’t the only thing that you need to think about. Your duty of care extends to your company’s assets too. The experts from stanleysecurity say that keeping assets safe is critically important. In many respects, asset security benefits employees. Businesses whose assets are stolen could potentially end up going bankrupt.

If your business goes bankrupt then employees will lose their jobs. Therefore, you need to take steps to protect assets and company funds, ensuring bankruptcy does not occur.

You can hire a professional security service to monitor your assets for you. Asset monitoring is not something that will cost you a lot of money; it is a worthwhile investment that will save your company money for years to come. Conduct extensive research and find the most qualified and professional asset management service that you can.

Viral Testing

Viruses are the biggest threat to your employee’s safety. Due to the lockdowns and people’s immune systems weakening more people are suffering from viruses than ever before. Experts predict that this flu season is going to be the worst one in generations.

As a consequence of this, it is your responsibility to test employees for viruses; viral testing will help you to identify viruses and isolate infected employees before they have the opportunity to spread their germs to other staff members. Viral testing should be performed once or twice a month.

Protective Screens

Viral testing isn’t the only way you can protect your employees from spreading viruses around the office. Another effective way of keeping them safe is investing in protective screens which can sit between people’s desks. Bear in mind that not everybody takes viruses as seriously as you might do. As a consequence of this, you need to make sure people follow the rules you set.

If people disobey instructions or do not use the protective screens you have bought you should discipline them; disciplining staff will help to create a culture of cleanliness which is something this post will cover more later on.

Requiring Masks

Masks are not required in most public spaces other than in doctor’s surgeries and hospitals anymore. However, in spite of the fact they are no longer necessary that does not for a second mean using them cannot still protect your employees.

As an employer and the owner or tenant of the building your company works out of, you are perfectly within your rights to demand all employees wear masks if you want them to. Make exceptions for individuals with asthma or breathing problems. You should also allow objectors to masks to go without wearing them as is their legal right to do.

Professional Cleaning

Once or twice a month you should pay a professional cleaning service to deep clean your office. A deep clean will help eradicate any germs or viruses from your office. Bear in mind deep cleans are not cheap; they can cost hundreds of dollars for one.

You will be able to get better deals on cleaning services by hiring companies on a contract basis. In other words, buy a package deal with a cleaning service. A package deal will then mean you do not have to arrange cleaning dates with them one after the other; they will already be arranged.

Culture of Cleanliness

The last thing you need to do if you want to keep employees safe is to create a culture of cleanliness. Unless your employees share your passion for cleanliness there is no way you can guarantee that they are going to follow the rules that you set. On an unrelated note, in terms of well-being, you may also want to invest in gym equipment for your office. Office gyms are more popular than ever right now. Without a doubt, they are the best way to get your employees in shape and encourage them to think more positively about their health.

The health of your employees is something you need to invest a lot of time, thought, and money into. Unless you take their health seriously there is no way to ensure that they will take other people’s seriously. By ensuring your employees are safe and in good health, you will be able to limit the number of days off they take due to sickness and illness each month.

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