Mistakes to avoid when filling out a job application

Everyone makes mistakes, but when looking for a new job with engineering recruitment agencies in Chicago or directly with companies there are 6 major mistakes you want to avoid. 

Just spending a few extra minutes to fix these mistakes may make the difference between getting the job or not.

Common job application mistakes include, not following directions, not learning about the company, not running a spell check, too long of a resume, not tailoring your resume to the specific job, and not changing your cover letter.

Mistake 1. Not following directions

This seems easy enough, but you may have been filling out many applications and they may have started to run together. 

Make sure to stop and read through each application carefully as they are slightly different. 

Pay attention and make sure you aren’t applying to too many openings that you may not be qualified for.

Mistake 2. Not learning about the company

It’s important to research the company at which you are applying.  A simple Google check should find their website and other profiles for you to access and research. 

You should know the values, mission, and most importantly what the company does.

Read any news articles that mention the company.   Should you move on in the interview process this information will be invaluable.

Mistake 3. Not running a spell check

Maybe this should be mistake number one.  This mistake shows the employer that you lack attention to detail and can be a major red flag. 

Don’t rush when filling out your application and if possible have someone check it over for you.  If you are writing your own resume make sure you’re using a program that has spell check.

Mistake 4. Your resume is too long/overdone

A long resume can convey a sporadic work history if you’ve had many jobs. Keep your resume concise showing the last 10-15 years of work experience. Professional resume writers generally recommend keeping your resume length to a max of 2 pages.

Also never list your salary requirements on the resume. Not sure your resume is up to the task? Reach out to a staffing agency for engineers and ask them for help

Mistake 5. Not tailoring your resume for specific jobs

We all know that a tailored jacket fits better than one off the rack.  Read through the job description, qualifications, and education requirements. 

Carefully tailor your resume and the objective at the top of your resume to suit the job to which you are applying by highlighting your previous experience, skills, and expertise.

Mistake 6. Not changing your cover letter

Since you just tailored your resume you should also make sure to adjust your cover letter. 

Your cover letter should address the hiring manager by name, mention something about yourself, and describe why you are the best candidate for the position. 

Always write a new cover letter for each position you are applying for.

Have you made one of these or other major mistakes when applying for a new position?

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