What information should not be on a resume?

As software developer recruiters that read hundreds of resumes and the top 5 pieces of information, we see on a resume that should not be there.

This includes irrelevant work experience, personal information, listing references, wage information from jobs, strange fonts, and colors. 

Irrelevant work experience

If you have 3 years of mechanical SolidWorks design experience at your last job companies do not need to see that you worked at the local food mart and local car wash in your previous 3 to 5 years.

Only have relevant work experience listed on your resume that relates to jobs you are currently searching for.

Less is more and having 3 or 4 jobs on your resume that have no bearing on the current one you are applying for is a mistake that you do not need to make.

Personal information and details

When creating a resume for engineering staffing agencies in charlotte stay away from putting a photo of yourself on your resume, your social security number, date of birth, and your full mailing address.

Simply put the city and zip code you live in and this will suffice when creating your resume. Avoid security concerns by listing too much personal information on your resume

Listing your references on your resume

When your references are needed an employer or engineering recruiter will ask you for them.

Putting your references details on your resume may subject them to extra and unnecessary calls from recruiters or even some employers who are just fishing for general information.

Wage Information from previous jobs.

We have seen people list their entire wage history job by job on their resume and this is a mistake that will harm you when negotiating pay with an employer.

Another thing to avoid is listing your pay history on an employer’s application or when applying at an technical staffing agency. Save this information for conversations during the negotiation period when an offer is imminent.

Strange Fonts or Colors on Your Resume.

Stay away from lime green, red, or some other colors when writing a resume just stick to the basic black as it is the easiest to read.

Also do not write your resume in some weird font that is hard to read and stay away from complicated resume formatting. When in doubt simple is best.

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