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How to Supercharge Your Workplace Security with IoT

Individuals and businesses have been adopting IoT devices at an increasing rate over the course of the last decade. In 2015, there were around 15.4 billion installed IoT devices. In 2022, this number had almost tripled and reached 42.62 billion, with analysts predicting a further increase to 75.44 billion by 2025.

IoT has numerous applications for businesses, ranging from automating repetitive tasks to improving workers’ comfort. One increasing reason for businesses to adopt IoT technologies is to increase the level of security and protect their workforce and assets more effectively.

Let’s explore how IoT devices can bring your organization’s security to the next level.

IoT can predict workers’ movements

As a network of connected devices in constant communication with each other, IoT can be very effective in predicting workers’ movements and triggering alerts when unsafe scenarios are detected.

By leveraging devices like IoT cameras and sensors, employers can effectively monitor the activities of their employees and intervene before potential hazards can turn into problems.

For example, IoT sensors can detect when workers entering hazardous spaces are at increased risk of getting into contact with dangerous materials. Once the threat is detected, the IoT devices will alert security staff so that they can intervene as swiftly as possible. Another example is IoT cameras and video analytics software monitoring workers’ behavior in order to detect unsafe movements that can lead to injuries or other accidents.

IoT can boost building safety

IoT devices can be very effective in increasing the overall safety of your office or commercial building. By connecting sensors, cameras, and other devices to a centralized system, organizations can obtain real-time insights into the building’s operations and react faster when potential threats manifest themselves.

For example, IoT sensors can detect water damage and gas leaks in real time, allowing the building’s staff to take immediate action before serious damage to individuals or assets.

Moreover, IoT-connected cameras can help staff monitor areas that humans can’t access easily, like hard-to-reach corners and high ceilings. When choosing cameras, you should take your specific needs into account. For example, you may consider using explosion proof cameras in industrial settings where explosive materials are present.

IoT devices can also improve a building’s safety by reinforcing access control measures. For example, connected locks can be used in conjunction with biometric technologies for increased protection.

IoT can monitor environmental conditions

Another way IoT devices can increase the safety of your business is by monitoring environmental conditions and ensuring that your workforce is working in a safe and comfortable environment.

IoT devices can detect conditions like air quality, temperature, and humidity and alert security staff when values are not optimal. By keeping these values at the best possible level, organizations can reduce health hazards such as long-term exposure to allergens and other pollutants.

When detecting changes that divert from optimal values, an IoT network can also be set to automatically trigger response measures, like deploying air purification devices and adjusting temperatures.

IoT can aid first responders during emergencies

Installing IoT devices can also improve emergency management as it can give first responders real-time data on the situation. This information can help them make better decisions on what actions to take.

Let’s say IoT sensors detect potentially dangerous scenarios like gas or smoke leaks. Upon detection, they can collect numerous data (like the exact location of the incident and the extent of the danger) and communicate this information to the first respondents. This will allow them to understand the problem faster and decide the best course of action.

Wearable IoT devices can track workers’ health

An increasingly popular trend in the workplace is for employees to use wearable IoT devices that can monitor their health.

These devices are light pieces of technology that workers can wear on their bodies or attach to their clothes. They can collect information about an employee’s heart rate, temperature, and other vital signs.

Constantly monitoring this information allows these devices to identify potential health risks before they can cause damage to the individual. These devices can also alert supervisors when workers need help due to injuries or extreme fatigue.

Moreover, these data can be used to generate personalized wellness plans for each employee and improve their overall health and well-being.

IoT can improve automation and reduce human errors

Another key benefit of using IoT devices is that they allow an increase in the level of automation. Doing so can help your organization reduce the probability of human error, which is one of the major causes of accidents in the workplace.

For instance, IoT-powered industrial robots can be set to perform repetitive and hazardous tasks, thus eliminating the need for human workers to perform them.

To further enhance the security and reliability of automation through IoT devices, organizations can mitigate potential cybersecurity risks by implementing a secure VPN (virtual private network). This will ensure secure communication and data transmission between IoT devices, protecting against unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.

To Sum It Up

On the whole, a centralized system that leverages IoT devices can be a very effective solution for businesses that want to increase their level of security. These technologies can be used for monitoring environmental conditions, tracking worker health, and automating dangerous tasks, thus ensuring the workforce’s safety.

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