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How to Streamline Employee On-Boarding with Digital Adoption Platforms

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America has been experiencing a mass resignation as the business scene seems to recover from the pandemic. Mass resignation means that employers quickly lose skilled workers, forcing them to hire new workers and train them. 

Traditional onboarding practices may not be effective at times like this, considering the work environment changes that include remote working.

As a result, many companies are turning to digital adoption platforms to speed up and streamline their onboarding processes to keep up with the changing environments.

What Are Digital Adoption Platforms?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are digital tools designed to simplify employees’ adoption of new technologies. If employees cannot adopt new technology quickly, the effect will be failing to get the desired value from the technology and employee turnover

Having a DAP speeds up the learning process and makes the onboarding process much more efficient.

If you are new to DAPs or would like to upgrade your existing platform, this guide on the best digital adoption platforms can give you excellent insight when making that critical decision to incorporate in your business.

How to Streamline Employee Onboarding with DAPs?

Start Early

The faster an employee can get up to speed with an organization’s operations, the faster they can offer value. With a DAP, new hires don’t have to wait for technical support to help with troubleshooting or understand how a tool works. 

A reliable DAP platform should have all the information a new hire needs, thus eliminating the need to have someone show them what to do at every given point in the workflow.

This means the earlier you incorporate the DAP in the onboarding process, the shorter the time spent on onboarding.

Provide On-Demand Training

When hiring, it may happen that you will hire persons with different skill levels. This means that their training needs will be different. Also, their capacity to fully grasp new technologies may differ.

While you may choose to provide all the training at once, the approach may not be as effective since some employees may require more learning time than others, and bombarding them with everything at once can limit their ability to digest what they have learned.

The good news is that a DAP can help streamline your onboarding process by ensuring that your new hires get training on the specific tool they will be using at a given time and only get training for another tool on a need-to-use basis.

This presents the new hires with a mix of onboarding and on-the-job training, which is critical at enhancing information retention.

Employee Tracking

Besides helping the employees with training and onboarding, Digital Adoption Platforms are also very effective at tracking the progress of new hires in terms of their interaction with your organization’s technologies.

This way, the management can track the effectiveness of their onboarding process and make improvements where needed. 

Sometimes the improvement may demand a tweaking of the whole process or focus on specific individuals that may be yet to catch up.

As a result, the management team’s role is made simpler, meaning they can focus on crucial matters such as growth and productivity.

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