The digital era is paving the way for conventional retailers to shift to an online platform to offer goods and services. For practical purposes, companies have used the internet as their alternative to a physical store.

With just one click of a button, you will be able to search for all products posted on the website, purchase them within a minute via bank transfer or any available payment method.

But, the question is, how safe it is and how to secure the information of your clients? Data security is vital for your business.

In this post, we have collected some helpful tips against cybercriminals to protect their data.

Cybercrimes are a series of illegal activities carried out through a computer that often includes a network. When doing business online, there are different types of cybercrimes that your client may experience, and these are the most common: identity theft, phishing scam, ransomware, malware, hacking, and many more.

You should be aware of these cybercrimes as a business owner to protect the data of your customer, particularly when there is money involved.

Effective Monitoring and Inventory

Extensive monitoring is one of the fundamentals of securing an e-commerce platform. It is an advantage to control how the business flows with all the transactions and products which provide detailed information.

It is where inventory is useful for tracking each item from the time it was bought until it was shipped. Business owners prefer to have an up-to-date approach that uses a reliable system that is necessary to minimize the risk of losing/stolen or damaging products.

If a customer has ordered an item from your store, essential customer information is automatically registered by the system, where it should be shipped, and what kind of payment method the customer used.

The business owner will be able to immediately find each transaction instead of doing the old-school way of jotting down notes in a logbook for an inventory that can take several hours to do.

Having Restriction

It is a serious issue whereby criminals have discovered new ways to use the internet to commit fraud and other crimes. The number of cybercrime rates has increased in the latest 2019 report, leaving victims worldwide between 14 million to 16 million.

Business guru’s advice that getting an opinion from IT consulting companies will benefit you and put an end to this situation, as they can provide an appropriate solution to protect your company and your customers from the hands of cybercriminals.

One of which is to have the software installed in your system and apply the number of authorized personnel to a few instead of having all staff to access vital information that can contribute to the desire to use it, such as credit card information.

Strict Compliance

One way to ensure employees are well-trained in handling vital data, dos, and don’ts, and understand the confidentiality that is embedded in every transaction is to implement business policy. Disciplinary action can be imposed to give employees a notice about their misconduct if anyone may be tempted.

It is an effective way of taking care of clients’ confidence and not thinking about their bank account details. A great way to stop disclosing customer information that it makes it more difficult for offenders to carry out such illegal activities.

Making Consistent Updates

More importantly, updating your software more often gives your system the latest security feature that your online store can take advantage of. The efficient way to prevent the vulnerability from cyber-attacks, where it can be able to detect illegal activities, the potential harm that can cause a server to crash.

Alongside, the consistent update makes your hardware as it was before, improve its stability, and enhance the speed of how the system works. Aiming the user experience better, trust-worthy, and building credibility.

Building a Strong Password

As we all know, hackers can easily break through by trying to get in via passwords. They have developed software that can perform a thousand probability of guessing the right codes to get into your customer’s information.

Hackers can use a common password consisting of birthdays or names to log in to their accounts, which is why experts recommend creating a strong password with at least an uppercase letter, a lower case letter, and a special character to have its unique character.


Cyber theft and fraud are imminent in e-commerce, which is why you have to prioritize your customer data security at all times. The implementation of preventive measures is the cure for ensuring the safety of the customer’s transaction.

You don’t have to worry with the aid of the tips listed above!