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How To Make The Office Safe For Your Employees To Return After COVID

The Covid-19 pandemic has passed, and now it’s time for you to return back to work. You want your office to be welcoming so that employees will feel safe coming back after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are some ways that you can make your office Covid-19 safe.

Clean the office from top to bottom 

The first thing that you must do is to thoroughly clean the office. It is important to remove all of the contaminants and make sure that everything in your office is safe for employees to return after covid, including furniture, carpets, walls, ceiling tiles, basically any surface that may have been exposed.

Vacuum or sweep each room on every floor of your office building before you let employees back into their workspaces. Remove all visible dust from floors with a damp mop or microfiber cloths.

Thoroughly wash window sills throughout the entire office using soap and water mixed with an equal amount of vinegar to cut through grease build-up. 

Life is getting back to normal in New South Wales, and with that offices are once again full. To ensure your own and the safety of your employees, find a Covid-19 cleaning company in Sydney that will make sure everything is shiny and disinfected.

When you return, no trace of any filth should be waiting for you, just a clean office space ready for a new beginning.

Put hand sanitizer around the office 

You cannot expect everyone to constantly wash their hands, so office sanitation is important. Put hand sanitizer around the office to make it easier for employees to clean their hands multiple times a day. 

In order to ensure office safety, you should put plastic gloves in your desk drawers and place some on top of each filing cabinet so that anyone can use them if needed.

It would also be beneficial to have a first-aid kit with disposable towels or wipes stored underneath your sink area as well as an emergency contact list posted by the phone just in case someone needs help ASAP. 

Create a new, strict hygiene policy

All employees should respect the new rules of office hygiene after COVID. It is important for office owners to create a strict policy so that workers feel safe returning to work after being sick with COVID.

Your office will suffer if you do not have an effective office hygiene plan in place, as it can result in lost productivity and increased stress levels among all workers.

The best way to go about creating the new office rules of hygiene is by utilizing your human resources department or hiring someone who specializes in this field.

Be sure that everyone on staff has full knowledge of the new policies before they are implemented because ignorance will only cause further issues within the company culture later down the line when everyone works together seamlessly once again following recovery from COVID. 

Here’s what to do:

  • get everyone to wear masks 
  • if they went to crowded places they should work from home 
  • make sure they keep their hands clean
  • they should keep their desks and computers clean
  • if they feel some symptoms, they should stay at home
  • have them stationed 6 feet apart from each other

Ventilate every room in the office

You should constantly ventilate every office room to make sure that the fumes from COVID have been completely removed.

Ventilation should be at a rate of 20 air changes per hour for two hours, and then 15 changes an hour for another four after this period has passed.

You will need to open office windows or install fans to get fresh air circulating. You should also have the heating on so that any fumes are drawn out of office buildings and into the atmosphere.

Ensure that all surfaces are disinfected after every workday

Every workday should end with a thorough cleaning. The office should be disinfected from top to bottom, as well as on all surfaces that have been touched by employees throughout the day.

This ensures a safer return for those who are spending time in the office after COVID has affected them and could potentially spread illness or infection further among colleagues if not properly disinfected.

No matter what office cleaning products are used, the office should be used on all surfaces that have been touched during the day and left free of any bacteria or germs.

Clean desktops and keyboards with a damp cloth every day

Keyboards and desktops are some of the biggest sources of office germs. It’s important to clean all of them in the office with a damp cloth before returning to work. 

If you cannot clean your keyboard, take it apart and wash each individual key under running water. If your office still has a desktop computer, clean the outside surface with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Safety from Covid is one of the biggest concerns nowadays and you should protect your employees. Make sure that your whole office is clean and stays that way by cleaning the surfaces and computers and getting employees to clean their own.

Make sure to ventilate the place and have the employees sign a new hygiene contract so that everyone’s protected while working at your company. Remember, you need to be responsible for both yourself, your employees, families, and everyone else!

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