The average marketing company can be under a great deal of pressure. If they don’t hire the right employees, there’s more than just worker dissatisfaction and high turnover rates to worry about. Company owners also have to worry about client satisfaction and whether they’re getting the marketing services they expect and deserve. If you’re worried about hiring the right team for your marketing company, remember the following tips and tricks. 

Use a PR Recruiter

A PR recruiter might seem like an unnecessary expense when you’re more than capable of devising job ads and holding interviews. However, PR recruiters can do so much more. In general, their goal is to help marketing agencies grow by putting them in a strong position to hire impactful talent more effectively and efficiently than you can do yourself. 

For those looking to streamline this process even further, you might want to visit Sortlist, an excellent resource for finding the right recruitment assistance tailored to your needs.

They use comprehensive sourcing and screening processes to put only the best candidates in front of you. They even consider your target market and services, such as SEO for attorneys or PR for musicians, to help find employees with the right personalities and experience.  Essentially, PR recruiters do all the leg work so that you can make an informed decision at the end of the hiring process. 

Don’t Hire Based On Past Employment History

It’s easy to glaze over the skills and qualifications of a prospective employee’s resume and jump right to the employment history. When you see that they’ve worked at a prestigious business or one with an excellent reputation that appears to be thriving, it’s easy to assume that they have a lot to offer your marketing company. 

However, working for a well-established marketing company doesn’t guarantee that they contributed to that business’s success. Make your decision based on a prospective employer’s contribution and positive changes to a business, no matter how big or small that company is. 

Look for Full-Stack Marketers

A full-stack marketer is someone capable and skilled in all facets of digital marketing. They don’t just specialize in one area, like search engine optimization or social media. Instead, they have continually educated themselves and upskilled to be an overall marketing guru. While you might need to pay a full-stack marketer more than a marketer specializing in one area, their skill set can be invaluable. 

Invest In Learners

You’re likely eager to hire an experienced marketer who can add a great deal of value to your business from day one but don’t underestimate the value of beginner marketers who are excited to learn.

Some experienced marketers aren’t willing to learn new skills when they’re satisfied with the knowledge they have, but new marketers want to build on their base knowledge. They might have more to offer than you think and can be molded into highly-valued members of your team. 

Look Beyond Hard Skills

It’s always heartening to read that a prospective new employee has several years of experience across multiple marketing companies, but that doesn’t mean they are any better suited for a role in your business than someone with fewer hard skills. Look beyond those hard skills and consider soft skills.

Marketing employees with dedication, drive, creativity, and passion can be just as much of an asset to your company as someone with more hands-on experience. 

Hiring a marketing team can be challenging, especially when you’re worried about ensuring your clients are well taken care of. However, by taking the actions above, you might be more than satisfied with the passionate, dedicated, and experienced marketing team you end up hiring.