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How to Find Top Tech Talent

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Your employees are your biggest investment and your biggest asset. A brilliant employee can make a company, providing ideas, creativity and competence.

With that in mind, below are some of the best things you can do to increase your odds of finding and securing top talent. 

Perfect Your Interview Process

Utilize your interview platform to equip each interviewer with the tools they need to conduct a fair, ethical, and effective interview every time.

If you want to find the best IT talent out there, whether it’s a data center technician or a software developer, you have to make the interview process as painless and predictable as possible for them. Otherwise, they will simply go somewhere else.

In order to secure top talent, you need a systematic interview procedure based on the specific job criteria you have put out, which your interviewers must then execute. 

On Campus

You need to be deliberate about your college recruiting initiatives in today’s competitive marketplace in order to reach the best prospects where they are and when they are most open to new opportunities and looking for that foot in the door.

Educating, recruiting, and hiring newcomers to a business at the exact time they are looking to enter the workforce is how you find talented, inexperienced, but ultimately solid new employees who are ready to work, learn and contribute. 

Don’t Make the Hiring Process Arduous

Keep the hiring cycle as fast as possible! Keeping top of mind with candidates is never easy. Most highly qualified people have several job offers, and an overly long recruiting procedure is the biggest turnoff. Keep it basic (no more than three interviews) and offer applicants a clear yes or no answer following the interviews.

Ask good questions. Furthermore, be upfront about wait times and the number of interview sessions that will be involved. People get frustrated easily and, in this economy, there is little loyalty to or patience for prospective employers. 

Start Looking Outside of Obvious Hiring Spaces

To locate the best IT personnel possible, go outside the handful of leading IT centres. There is world-class IT talent that can be found everywhere. It’s all about providing passionate people from unusual backgrounds a chance.

The global move to remote employment benefits both tech corporations and IT talent.

Go to Facebook groups and Reddit pages if you have to to find top tech talent. The best people will stand out in the comments and the way they contribute to and drive discussion. 

Do Work That Attracts Top Talent

Try and pursue your industry’s most difficult challenges and as much uncharted territory as you can. Top talent wants a challenge, and they want to do something they feel is meaningful.

If you are plodding along doing the same thing everyone else is doing, not taking risks, not trying to make a name for yourself, you will not be an attractive place for the best minds to want to work. 

Also, take care to create the kind of work environment that talented people want to work in. If you have a Glassdoor page full of former employees writing glowing reviews and praising the work culture you have created, top talent is going to take note of such things and want to work for you. 

Use Your Talented Team Members

The greatest programmers collaborate with well-known colleagues. Engage your talent in conferences and forums with other like-minded technologists.

Encourage your team to take part in hackathons and open-source initiatives, as well as to share the same stage as others in the business.

Work with your existing talent to find new talent. Create an experimenting culture that you are proud of and that your team believes in, and welcome others to participate. 

If you can get recommendations and referrals from your highest performers, there is a strong chance that you are hiring other high performers. Like attracts like and good employees tend to make good recommendations. 


There is a race underway to find and lock down the world’s top tech talent as the digital era marches on and everything from IT to software development represents real competitive advantages for companies across industries.

Bright people with in-demand skills and impressive resumes will have a host of job offers and opportunities at their fingertips at any given time and will only take those which appeal to them on a personal and professional level.

Keep the above recruitment tips and strategies in mind and ensure that your firm is not left behind in the talent race and secures the human capital it needs to grow and thrive. 

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