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How To Choose The Right Gift For Your Coworker

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Gift-giving can be hard especially if you don’t know the intended recipient well enough. You might see your coworkers every day but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a friendly relationship with every one of them.

But on such occasions like Christmas or an office party, you may be called upon to exchange gifts. Sure you could opt out but why exclude yourself from something that’s geared toward team building?

No need to get anxious about it, the following tips will help you get a great and appropriate gift for your fellow workers and may just open the doors to a beautiful work friendship.

Overarching Guideline

Read the room. Get a good grasp of what the gift-giving atmosphere is like at your job. If you’ve been there for a long time you should already have that information. You would know if the general feel is for prank gifts, or more on the thoughtful, creative or fun side. You can even create a custom coin.

And as such, you would be prepared to fall in nicely with the expectation. As a newbie, you don’t have that advantage. But no worries. Ask other coworkers what is expected. That advice should no doubt be freely given.

Once you’ve uncovered the overall theme, run with it. It could be a good laugh for everyone if you purposely do something outside the box, so consider that as well! In the spirit of generosity and togetherness, no considerate gift should be considered a faux pas. 

For example, lots of people just like to be recognized for all their work and efforts in the office. You can surprise them with some custom-made award plaques that say something like “Most Appreciated Colleague Award” or “Best Team Player Award.” With this, you can make your coworkers feel special as they are recognized for their hard work and efforts.

Don’t Break The Bank

For family, spouses, best friends, this will be quite acceptable but for people who fall outside of these categories, save the coins.

There is no guarantee that they will love and appreciate what is given and their potential disregard will sting more if a lot of money was invested. Go with the saying, it’s the thought that counts. Set a budget for yourself. A max amount could be twenty dollars.

If you feel moved to go beyond this, go right ahead. Search through your lower-priced stores first. Consider getting funny gifts, do-it-yourself gifts, and practical gifts like planners and calendars. No one will judge or regard you cross-eyed if you whip out a cool mug. Some gifts are pretty standard. Go with the safe and cheap choice.

The goal is not to deliver something on your coworker’s wish list, no. A small reminder that you’re happy to work with them and wish them the best will suffice. 

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Gifts For A Going Away Party

Coworkers come and coworkers go. Some would have made such an impact that a quick goodbye would not suffice. How do you properly say adios to your coworker? If you two had developed a good working relationship, then this should come simply to your mind.

You’d know their likes and dislikes, their personality, and their sense of humor. However, if this does not ring entirely true for your case, then go with these gift ideas that will surely make them laugh or even shed a tear. Tumblers are useful for whatever the choice liquid may be. Pair that usefulness with a funny quote, and you’re in business.

Now every time that coworker looks at that tumbler, they will be reminded of their time working with you and the team. Awesome. Likewise, if you have someone who loves collecting pictures, you should gift them Canvas Prints. Luckily, these days Canvas Photo Prints come in pastable form, so your colleagues can use them in different places. You can gift a canvas full of your memories with them, their team, or some motivational quote.

Express your good wishes for your female coworker by gifting her an Amazonite bead bracelet.These beads signify courage and success. Nothing like knowing you’ve got people rooting for you, even if you’re moving on from them. 

Should this person be traveling out of the country for a new position, a homesick new job candle is the perfect fit. Try the gift of personalized wall art. Gather the crew so everyone can leave a heartwarming message to the departing individual.

Encouraging quotes and funny memories can also be included. Add in pictures to top it off. What about a retiree? The retirement weekly schedule mug will be a sure hoot. Don’t forget to accompany the gifts with a proper retirement party. Make this time fun and special for your departing co-worker.

Gift The Receipt Too

This might seem tacky or embarrassing but it is for practical reasons. If you purchase a mug or a mirror, or even a trophy but unfortunately upon unwrapping the gift, there’s a crack or a chip or a clean break. The item can be returned and exchanged with no hassle.

What about if the bracelet or neckless you chose isn’t a perfect fit. Again it can be exchanged because the receipt would be in hand. Whatever fears you may have about the persons noticing the amount you paid for the gift should be pushed aside for the greater good. 

The most important thing with gift-giving is to be thoughtful. You will never go wrong with that.

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