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How to Choose the Right Dispatch Software

Various fleets of vehicles depend on dispatch software and other tools to organize their routes and schedules. These tools are needed to streamline service.

Fleets that aren’t using these types of software and depend on a multilayered system can find it hard to maintain a steady workflow. Due to this, more and more dispatch companies are choosing to switch to software that allows them to eliminate some if not all of their process.

The use of dispatch software is all in aid of making sure that dispatchers, managers, and drivers are all on one accord. This is the best way for them to keep customers, patients, and other dependants of their services happy.

Choose the Right Software

If you are a fleet service and considering dispatch software, you’ll probably have questions on how to choose the right software. There are a few key points to pay attention to. You may not have known but EMS depends on quality dispatch software to get to patients as quickly as possible.

This software gets them the information they need and can mean the difference between life and death. When you consider this level of importance, you can see how vital it is to choose the best possible software solution available. Consider these tips listed below when choosing the right dispatch software. 

Easy to Install

The software should be easy to install. Anything that gives you complicated steps to install isn’t worth the time or effort. The software should be intuitive and workable for all levels of IT experience.

Many companies will start using the software from the beginning and lacking experience shouldn’t make it hard to use. You should be able to install it on any computers or devices that your team chooses to use. Complicated installations take up time and keep you away from the important things.

GPS Tracking

Another thing you should be looking for is GPS tracking. This is a vital feature of quality dispatch software. Fleets need to keep track of how many vehicles or out in the field and where they are located.

This is key in creating schedules and routes. Dispatchers depend on this to put the right driver to the right assignment. 

It is difficult for the whole team to have a driver that is far out of the route to make a delivery or do a service that takes them off course.

This causes time and can costs the company a customer or a bad review. Of course, these things happen from time to time but if this is the mode of operandi the fleet service may quickly go out of business.

Mobile Apps

In the past, this feature may not have been necessary; however in today’s modern world, this is a vital feature. Apps for mobile devices are essential. People no longer want to be tied to a computer and often find it inconvenient to get work done.

For teams in the field, having an app for the devices they use is the best way for them to stay connected. Being able to see the what, where, and when of their next assignment helps them to organize their work for the day. This also helps dispatchers to communicate information much more efficiently. 

Easy to Use

Lastly, quality dispatch software should be easy to use. The software should flow smoothly and be easy to get accustomed to.

The purpose is to make work easier. If the software is more complicated than your current process it’s probably not going to be very useful. An easy-to-use software will also help to eliminate unnecessary steps from the work process.

Everything should be in one easy-to-manage format that allows the user to flow from task to task. The design will have taken the user into consideration and deliver on the customer’s anticipated needs. 

A robust system will help to eliminate unnecessary steps in the dispatch process, making for a streamlined and cohesive workflow. Most dispatch software will offer small demos so that you can get a feel for the software and how it works.

Take advantage of this option if it is available. You will also want to read up on as much information as you can, which should also include reviews. 

List out the pros and cons of all of the software that you are considering to give a visual representation of what each one has to offer. This should make choosing a bit easier. Ultimately the dispatch software you choose should work well with you and your team and fit in with the way you work together. 

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