There are many helpful qualities to be associated with when running your own enterprise, however modest it is. Some of those terms come to mind quite easily – dependable, interesting, productive, reliable, innovative and more. 

Yet it’s also true that respect and authority can help like nothing else. Similar to goodwill, it can be hard to quantify these principles, but they certainly come into effect in many beneficial ways. Here’s a thought experiment, let’s say you need your locks changing.

There’s a new contracting firm in your area that offers locksmithing as part of their purview, but also a local locksmith service that has operated for fifty years, passed down from father to son, a known quantity in your town. Who might you call first?

As you can see, authority is sometimes all you need to differentiate between two similar, but competing services. So, how can your business be seen as that local authority? Not everyone has a family history, a local area to be known in, and five decades worth of legitimacy. Is there a method of achieving this without hollow shortcuts?

We believe there is. Let’s consider that, below:

Collaborate With Other Local Businesses

It’s healthy to connect with other businesses in your area. This might sound obvious on the surface, but running mutual campaigns can quite literally define your business as bigger than it might be thanks to that combined might. It might just be that you sponsor the local sports club next year, or invite another business to your event.

This gives you legitimacy, and it also helps both brands develop their outreach. Being connected to those in your local area also define you as of the area, which works wonders if you’re a new firm.

Create Content That Centers Your Local Area

Business content that speaks to your audience and even draws people in from around the world can be a fantastic signal boost for your local community. You might put the spotlight on local businesses, events, or clients that you work with to help celebrate the area.

For example, you might put together client spotlight videos, with the tacit agreement of their management, to showcase how your product helps them deliver the best service. Do this enough, and your presence in the local area becomes more than just a happenstance, it becomes part of your brand identity.

Maintain A Strong Online Presence Using Local SEO

This point also feeds into the content you make – making sure your website is SEO-optimized so local users using their search engine will see you in their results first of all. This doesn’t take place by accident, it requires diligent web practice.

For example, hosting well-written content, making sure your website is organized correctly, posting content with associated keywords, taking the time to embed LinkedIn feed for continual updates and insight, while also investing in your presence.

With these tips, you’re sure to maintain that strong authority presence you’re looking for, and that your business deserves. You may be surprised just how effective your approach can be.