Search Engine Optimization is arguably the most important part of digital marketing. With the right SEO strategies, you will generate more traffic to your website.

More traffic means more potential customers and if you employ the right techniques correctly, converting the visitors to leads becomes so much easier.

SEO is a constantly changing field, though.  Google algorithm gets smarter and smarter with each update.

A strategy that worked last year is not guaranteed to produce results today.  In this list, we’ve covered some of the best SEO techniques that can work for your website right now.

1.  Perform a Comprehensive SEO Audit

A comprehensive SEO audit helps you know where you stand at the moment. It shows your best ranking webpages and the worst ones. It can also help you identify what keywords you are ranking for.

The professionals behind Edge Marketing explain that audits help you understand your current situation making it easier to pave the next steps.

Compare the insights from these audits to your goals. Look at the areas that need the most attention, and then develop the right strategies to get you there.

The best part about SEO audits is they help you understand how you can improve on the content you already have. They also make it easier to implement upcoming projects.

When doing audits, you want to look at the following items:

  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Optimization of SEO keywords
  • Are there enough links in your content?
  • SEO optimization of URLs
  • Blog post formating

You can perform SEO audits yourself or hire SEO consultants to do the usually hectic task for you. You can then use the actionable report to improve your website, and you’ll soon start to see an increase in traffic and leads.

2.  Optimize Content for Readers

Optimizing your website for google algorithm is crucial, but you don’t want to focus too much on the bots and forget about the real users who’ll be interacting with your content. Your content must answer people’s queries for it to be successful.

You should know that Google is always learning. The whole point of the search engine is to give users the answers they are looking for. It doesn’t look good for you when users come and bounce out of your webpages almost instantly.

This may indicate that your content is not providing any relevant answers. Google will react by dropping your ranking and prioritizing sites that meet the user’s needs.

3.  Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Use technical SEO to optimize your website for mobile users. Google’s 2021 mobile-first indexing of websites will prioritize mobile content in both indexing and ranking.

That’s simply because the majority of Google users are on mobile devices and not desktops. You really don’t want to play catch-up, so make sure you make a mobile-friendly website and stay ahead of the competition.

4.  Optimize Your Website for Voice-Search

The number of people using voice assistants has increased sharply in the last few years. As Siri and Google Assistant get smarter, more people, especially millennials, abandon typing for voice searches.

In the future, voice searches could soon account for more than 50% of all searches.

Voice search SEO can help you tap into all this traffic. And remember, voice searches produce only one result. Therefore, if you snatch even a single popular query, you will receive virtually all the traffic produced by the query.

So how do you optimize your website for voice searches? Targeting long-tail keywords is one of the best ways of ranking for voice searches.

Voice search SEO is slightly different from your typical SEO. For one, voice searches are usually framed in the form of a question. Targeting long-tail keywords, preferably in the form of questions increases the ranking of your content for specific queries.

NLP also increases the chances of getting your content in a featured snippet. And guess what? A significant portion of voice search results come directly from featured snippets.

5.  Utilize Infographics

Infographics improve the appearance of your content. They also make it easier for you to display more details in a single easy-to-understand picture. Infographics are also a great way of converting customers who’re in a rush.

For infographics to be effective, make sure they display all the relevant information in an understandable manner. Get all the relevant stats and display them properly.  Interesting and cute infographics attract social shares like crazy, use a infographic template to get started.

A good SEO plan will definitely increase your rankings and generate more traffic. But keep in mind that SEO doesn’t always work overnight.

In some cases, you will have to wait for several weeks before the numbers start going up. So, stay patient and continue working in the background.