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How An LMS Can Be Used For Workforce Development?

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The biggest asset of an organization is its workforce. Hence, many organizations are taking a step ahead to instill their workforce with the best skill in order to upgrade them to perform better. The ultimate goal of an organization is to ensure that the employees use their skills judiciously to serve a strong purpose.

Any improvement in employee performance and skills will eventually benefit the organization itself, as it will be better able to sell its products and services.

Today, the entire world is witnessing that technological advancement. It has opened doors of opportunities for employees to become more productive. One such advancement is the use of digital platforms like learning management systems (LMS) to reskill its employees spread across the globe.

An LMS, such as Blackbaud, can be used for workforce development in the following ways:

1. Get started with online training

An LMS allows employees to access the eLearning course materials and start training by themselves without waiting for others to get started. Hence, it gives employees an opportunity to set their own pace of learning.

These kinds of resources rekindle the curiosity to learn more and frequently interact with the eLearning software development platform. It offers personalized learning to employees so that they can focus more on key topics and weak areas. They can frequently do self-assessments to bridge any learning gaps.

2. Get feedback from experts and seniors

After the completion of the eLearning software development course and acquiring new skills, the employees can discuss with their seniors and online instructors and ask for feedback regarding online training assessment. Such feedback will help online learners to grow.

3. Get short clips to learn

One of the biggest benefits of using an LMS is that it offers microlearning. Microlearning can help employees get short training sessions, whose flow can be adjusted by employees themselves. An LMS allows you to create short bundles of information that can be accessed with a touch on your smartphone.

When eLearning material is broken down into bite-sized modules, its usability increases and also accelerates the memorizing and retention power of employees. 

4. Get a gamelike experience

Just like small school kids, adult learners have a strong inclination towards games, too. It has been tested and proved that game-based learning creates a stronger impact on employees. It increases the engagement levels of employees by instilling a competitive spirit in them.

Almost all the LMS these days provide gamification features. The user experience reaches the next level as employees get rewarded for their work.

For instance, virtual coins, badges, trophies, medals, etc are given to employees, if they do well in online training assessments, assignments, and projects.

5. Focus more on strengths

Its often said that one must focus and work on his weakness to improve and bring a change in overall performance. But sometimes you should focus more on your strengths as it can create immense opportunities for you to grow.

For instance, the eLearning course which is most liked by the employees can be marketed. 

6. Measure your success

Using LMS, you can accelerate and automate online training assessments. That is, the assessment process can be carried out without any human intervention. Assessments can be prepared in multiple formats like multiple choice-based questions, branching scenarios, fill-in-the-blanks, and so on.

Also, the LMS platforms generate scores automatically and issue online certification once the employee clears all his assessments with a minimum required score. 


A learning management system is the best tool for workforce development in the modern age. Today, without the aid of technology training employees is very difficult. 

Using an LMS you can offer your employees customized eLearning content, polish their skills, uplift their career paths, and help them achieve career goals.

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